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"Hey Romantic! What ever happened with Guitar Hero?" you ask.

Great question. Let me tell you.

I suppose I should rewind a bit and talk about my feelings towards the gentleman. So you all know that I've had a bit of a crush on him since last semester. But I've always known I couldn't date him. Our personalities just wouldn't mesh very well in a couple type relationship. I know that. I've always know that. That's why I've been content to creeper love him from afar for so long. Among other awkward things... did i really post that??? That must have been a rough night.

However, I still wanted to talk after we held hands. That's not too crazy of me right?

I go over to his apartment last Tuesday. Perfect. He was alone. But right as I'm mustering the courage to say, "Hey remember that one time we held hands? yeah, what was that about?", his room mates come home. Opportunity lost. So I text him later and and ask if we can talk sometime. He said yes. And so I set up a time to talk the next day.

Last Wednesday dawned bright and clear. And if you'll remember, that's the day I met one of our readers. He asked me to dinner, I said yes not remembering that I had made plans to chat with Guitar Hero that night. So as our blogging friend was dropping me off at my apartment and I was giving him a hug goodbye, Guitar Hero was walking around the corner catching me in full embrace with another man!!!! Which isn't so bad because I'm not dating either of them, but I just felt bad! How trashy does that make me seem? As my roomies constantly remind me, I am a floozy.

Later, Guitar Hero and I talk. It was slightly awkward.... my bad. I just have a lot of feelings.... we'll skip those details though. So we go inside my apartment again. He stays until the pumpkin hour (aka curfew). But right before he leaves, he pauses at the door and says, "Weeeelll, uh I'm just gonna go and play some Guitar Hero. Bye guys!"
Door shuts. And he leaves. Remember the awkward meaningful glances exchanged around the dinner table. NOTHING in comparison to the glances then exchanged between my roomies and I after that moment!!!!

So somehow, in his conniving, computer hacking ways, Guitar Hero found this blog....And he will probably read this post very soon in the near future.

So, I've been compromised....

How do I feel now? Another good question... I'm not sure. But I probably won't be writing about Guitar Hero any more (so you can stop reading this now GH).

Other items of business:

A really great reader posted this about how the beard rule helps us keep the honor code. Very insightful... and I agree wholeheartedly. Controlling myself around men with beards is quite the struggle at times.

Also, this is a call for you writers out there! As much as I love writing (just as much I'm sure as you love reading what I have to say), I need some help.... I'm thinking about doing a guest post series... Email me a writing sample. And we'll see....

Have a lovely date night!

-the Romantic

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Kelli said...

Aww dang, girl.Gotta love those conniving boys...or not.

Heidi said...

I love the guest post idea, but another thing is, as much as we love reading your stuff, it would be cool to hear from the other girls too! Where did they go?

Anjelica said...

I agree, I LOVE hearing from you Romantic. But what about the other girls?
Having a guest would be fun and interesting.