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3/28/2011 The Romantic 1 Comments

I fell in love with this blog last week. Most of you probably already read it. But I wanted to share that adorable story anyway.

Also, not that I'm getting married anytime soon. But I love this wedding dress. (The groom is the lead singer in my favorite local band ... Guess I'll have to cross being a groupie off my To Do list)

Here's a little romantic ditty for you:

That song was included on the mix Mr. Ute gave me.
Hanging out with him last night was good. But I was having conniptions inside every time he put his arm around me... I'm a bit wary of relationships after everything that happened with Sweater Guy. Even if it was last August.

There was however the awkward hug goodbye at the doorstep. We're talking painfully awkward. I'm still cringing about it. He told me later he thought it was funny though.

Here's where the guilt sets in. Egg Guy asked me out for a second date this afternoon! And I said yes.
I'm not dating either of them... So I shouldn't feel guilty about going on dates with the both of them. Right?

I'm also getting sick... It's probably the guilt taking effect.

And then there's still the matter of my mission papers that are not quite being filled out yet... We're waiting until after finals to start that. But still...

Well, happy Monday readers! I hope your love lives are less complicated than mine.

-the Romantic

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Anjelica said...

Yes your love life is a bit complicated... do you think you could make a list of the guys currently and recently in it? With a small description? I'm getting confused! :) Love you!