Playing the Field

3/27/2011 The Romantic 0 Comments

I've never been one of those girls that's had options before.

In fact, I've always been used to having no options; which has driven me to the point of almost desperation where I would date a house plant if I could because at least they appreciate my nurturing attention.

But on Friday afternoon, I found myself texting two boys during English class! (Ok, so normally I don't text during class. But ENGL 311 sucks the very living soul from my body) And I was flirting with both of them... And it made me so flustered that I told one of them I needed to go. We've discussed my emotional constitution for dating on this blog before; and I have to say, I'm just not cut out for playing the field. Not only can my heart not love two men at the same time, it can't even be interested in two men at the same time.

So down to business.

Friday night was a blast! I'm not sure if it was due Egg Guy, or due to the fact that the performances were amazing. Dating Tip alert! Crowded places are a great idea for a date. You can lean in close for conversation, grab onto your date so you don't "lose" them. It breaks the awkward physical barrier that seems to occur on most first dates I've been on.

The conversation flowed pretty well. He didn't seem intimidated by the fact that I'm thinking about a doctorate. Most guys never say it, but in the pupils of their eyes, I can see their mini-selves fleeing at the though of being with an ambitious woman.

The awkward part: The date lasted waaaay too long. I didn't have the heart to tell him that no one shows up for all the shows right when they begin. So we were there from 8-12. And then he wanted to get ice cream. Dating Tip alert #2! Please don't make the dates too long!

The other awkward part: No good night hug. Talk about an awkward door step scene.

I did send a PDT the next day. But not without much deliberation about it with the roomies. Because, well, you see, there's this other guy I really like.

Mr. Ute. We're all rooting for him (and by we, I mean me, my roomies, and our favorite guy apartment). Remember how he was supposed to come over yesterday and drop off a mixed cd for me? Well, things didn't work out as planned, and in my monthly hormonal meltdown, I immediately took that to mean he didn't want to see me. (YES, I KNOW I'M A CRAZY PANTS)

But those fears were thrown out the window when we were talking about Pride & Prejudice. He said he'd never seen it. I told him how tragic that was. And that it was my favorite movie (what else would be?), so if he was looking for anyone to watch it with....

He then replied: Hmmm an offer to watch a movie with a beautiful, amazing girl...I'm gonna have to go with yes (insert bashful giggle here)

He is going to come down tonight and see me instead. Which I'm totally fine with. My worries: Will the face to face interaction live up to our textual relations? and This guy won't break my heart will he? I've had too much of that lately....

wish me luck
-the Romantic

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