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3/09/2011 The Romantic 3 Comments

So, our dear sir responded to my outlandish inquiry and we met in person!

We spent some time walking around the MoA, one of my favorite places on campus. And he listened to me babble on about my favorite pieces in the Dorthea Lange exhibit.
(Did you know I thought that was really sweet? I know not many people care when I babble on about art, but you did. And I thought it was sweet.)

And then he invited me over to his place for dinner. And I accepted.

How did it go you ask? I'm afraid now that since my anonymity has been erased, I can't exactly write everything that I would like.


I did send him a PDT if that's any sort of indication. ;-)

-the Romantic

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Emily said...

that is FANTASTIC! good luck!!!

Katri said...

ahh! fantastic! I seriously love your blog (hence I referred my followers to you and see that they are now lovers too!). Good luck with this boy!
sometimes I wish I had an anonymous blog so I could do that too :)
Cardigans and Cookie Dough

Heidi said...

Wow! that's so cool! I did personally wonder about your whole anonymity thing, but hey, maybe it will be totally worth it. In any case, it sounds like you're making a new friend and that's always good. Good luck!