Chivalry Isn't Dead:A Guest Post

3/24/2011 The Romantic 1 Comments

So recently I had an experience with a certain boy. We'll call him Mr. Chivalry.

Anyway, I first saw this boy when he was giving a talk.
Let's just say he embodies my type: brown hair, blue eyes, perfect teeth, tan, tall.
Yes, yes, and yes.

I didn't talk to him in real life for a couple weeks. Later, I met him and a couple of his friends in the hot tub (no judging) and we made plans to make dinner together that Sunday. After that Mr. Chivalry and I hung out/talked every day. We shot guns, we went to a bonfire, we blew up milk gallons filled with gasoline (another story for another day), awkward attempted hand hold on his part, and lots of swimming. He even taught me to drive stick shift in his car (I wasn't too bad if I do say so myself). The day he taught me to drive he went to go play catch with his friend but he said he would call me later that night to watch a movie. I waited and waited and nothing. That whole weekend I didn't hear from him.

I called him out on it that Tuesday when he invited me to swim. He gave me some blah blah response about whatever.

I was confused. What happened?

So I went to my think tank to get to the bottom of it. Rewind to a couple of days ago. He offered to take me to dinner and I said no. I told him I wanted to, but I knew he didn't have a job and I didn't want to make him feel obligated to take me on a date with money he didn't have. He offered to take me a different time and I gave him the same response.

When I told my think tank about this, they were outraged. Telling a guy not to take you on a date because he doesn't have a job is the equivalent of kicking a guy where it counts and insulting his manhood.

Who knew? Here I was thinking I was "low maintenance" and easy going. I thought the way to make guys like you was by being chill and not expecting too much.

Lesson learned. Chivalry isn't dead and if a guy wants to take you on a date, let him even if it means he has to go sell his plasma.

-Miss Modern

A good point from a lovely reader.
I'll keep that in mind next time I need a dragon slayed.... But seriously.
-the Romantic

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Anonymous said...

okay question:
the website:, full of funny notes to the secretly admired (have you checked it out? you should... maybe i found it here?)
the sort-of dilemma: there is a chat feature where you can talk randomly with people, so last night this guy chatted me and we were talking for a while. he seemed way cool and his taste in music was fantastic! we didn't exchange any explicit information but he told me where he was from, so me, being the curious one i am, decided to use my resources aka the byu directory.
i facebook stalked and ended up adding him... he hasn't responded.
WAS THAT THE CREEPIEST THING EVER? or was i justified in wanting to be friends with someone i thought was cool?
help me? what's your take on online creeping/friending?

- the trying-to-not-be-so-creepy creep.