Playin' it close to the chest

3/11/2011 The Romantic 2 Comments

Dear readers,

I hope you understand if I begin to be a little bit more general in my writing, and less specific about certain readers.... (cough, cough)

And besides... I'm going to be really too busy this weekend to write much; what with term papers, studying, and a old room mate reunions.

Oh yeah, and that 2nd date with our Dear Sir but I really think that's all I'm going to say about that, except that I'm excited....

So my dear readers, have a lovely weekend. And please don't ever feel like this lonely whale; there is always someone who will be able to hear your voice.

-the Romantic

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Anonymous said...

I understand that you don't have complete anonymity now that you are seeing this special someone, but please don't let that keep you from telling us the whole story with the juicy bits!!!!!!! We are sure he'll understand since he is also a blogger. But my friends and I are feeling a bit left out of the loop (so to say) with your recent posts. We love you and wish you goodluck but please share more with us! :)

Emily said...

good luck!!!! ah!

p.s. that whale story was heart-breaking.