The Great Debate

3/03/2011 The Romantic 5 Comments

Tuesday night, we found ourselves again, gathered around the table talking and laughing.

Our room mate, the Good Girl, had just gotten home from a date, and we were grilling her for details.

"What did you guys do?"
"Did you have fun?"
"What did you talk about?"
"How do you feel?"
"What do you think about how you're feeling?"
"Do you want to marry him?" (that one was me)

The date went well she said. Her date was a tall, blond, pre-med major, from a mountainous town nestled in the Rockies that likes to read (I mean the guy, not the town). Where can I find me one of those? She also said I would like his taste in music, because its the weird stuff no one really listens to...... Oh gee, thanks...

"Are you gonna do the 'after date text'?" I asked.

"Am I supposed to do an after date text?" she shot back.

"If you had a good time.... I mean, I've just heard that's what guys like. Although, I can't really speak from experience, because the last guy I 'after date' texted is now engaged." I answered.

The debate sprung up around the table with each roomie giving their input. And then Reggie stopped by. He encouraged the text. Just something simple, short, but not too sweet was his answer. You don't want to creep them out.

With much coaching, she eventually sent it! We waited in dense anticipation for his response. He agreed in kind that the night had been fun! Cheers erupted around the table!

So, here's my question: To text, or not to text? Does it matter? And what do you say? Should it be that night? Or should it be the next day?
Dear men, what do we have to do to let you know we're interested?

In other news:
I'm trying to get over Guitar Hero, since nothing is happening, and I'm pretty sure he's not interested.... It's not working out so well. I stopped by to say hi last night, and ended up staying for several hours instead of writing the big research paper I have due tomorrow.

However, the cute boy from my German class actually talked to me! And then I couldn't help staring at his attractive fore arms for the rest of the class period.

Some day, I hope to stop being a creeper. But that won't happen anytime soon! Until then,

ciao bellas.
-the Romantic

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loveli said...

Our elder's quorum president (who was the most eligible bachelor in the ward until he recently started dating my roommate) told the RS that if you are interested in a boy a PDT (post date text) is a must after the date. Preferably about twenty minutes after you get home so he's in the middle of telling his roommates about it.

Emily said...

oh hey girl, just wanted to let you know i think you're hilarious and i'm glad this blog exists.
as i am of the female persuasion, i'm guessing my input on these PDTs won't be of much value.

Ryan said...

Yes, Post Date Text is a good idea, It helps us know that you are interested

Oh yeah, the post date text is so nice! We guys love it! It boosts our confidence to know the girl liked the date and it at least encourages us to want to see you again. We guys are simple when it comes to dates, if we know the girl had fun, then we feel that it was very successful.

Beiber said...

Guitar Hero sounds like a tool