happy easter!!! (sort of)

3/23/2011 The Romantic 1 Comments

For Good Girl's 21st birthday, we dyed easter eggs.

I know its a tad strange. But she owns a really cool Ukrainian egg decorating set. And that's really all she wanted in the way of party. So cake was made, songs were sung, and eggs were dyed!

This is where I met Egg Guy (as his name is affectionately saved in my phone). I didn't really even talk to Egg Guy that night. We met, exchanged names. But I was a little too caught up in the dance party that was going on in the living room to do much mingling. (Especially when this song played, which is my new favorite)

As a joke, Egg Guy had written his number on the egg he decorated. It was just to be silly I guess I'm not really sure. Like I said, I didn't talk to him much.

Several days later, on a night where I was full of goofy exuberance, I sifted through the decorated eggs sitting in a bowl on our table. Of course I found the one with the phone number. So of course I had to text it! It was the only thing my curious inclinations would allow me to do.

One thing led to another. And we're going to Velour on Friday. I would say I have no idea how I get myself into these sorts of situations. But I do.

So when my room mates exclaim, "Oh Romantic, you do meet men in the strangest of ways!"

I can only respond with my head hung low saying, "I know."

And then there's that other boy from that other party that I also met a couple weeks ago. He goes to the U (opps, I know, I'm betraying my true blue cougar blood). We are also going to Velour. But that will be for a show next Tuesday to see these guys. Did I mention that last night he told me I have beautiful brown eyes!? Beautiful! Why don't I just swoon right now!? And he's dropping by a mixed cd on saturday before the show so I can get a taste of the band's music that we're going to see. I'm such a sucker for mixed cds...

This has never happened to me before! My roomie said she needed a flow chart to keep track of all the men in my life. Well, me too!

I swear, men just come out of the wood works when you decide to put your mission papers in....


meh. it's time for bed.

nighty night lovelies
-the Romantic

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Heidi said...

yay for you! but what will we do without you for 18 months?