Weekend Update

3/04/2011 The Romantic 0 Comments

I think you'll all be pleased to know that the PDT worked, and Good Girl has a date with the tall, blond, pre-med major, from a mountainous town nestled in the Rockies that likes to read (I mean the guy, not the town) on Saturday.

She regaled me with a dramatic reading of my post, and your comments last night... I didn't know I was so funny out loud. Also, on a bit of a random note, we greatly appreciate your comments here at the Anti-Austen. It makes us feel good. I raise my figurative glass to you dear readers. Your laughter keeps me going.

Well, German class approaches within the next few hours, and I am determined to talk to the cute boy in my class (withstanding I don't swoon at the sight of his attractive forearms). So now, I must go brainstorm witty things to say about the weather, Otto von Bismarck, or neoclassical architecture. Wish me luck!

Happy weekend
-the Romantic

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