"Every moment has its pleasure and its hope"

3/04/2012 The Blue Stocking 4 Comments

I do believe things have become less confusing concerning me and a certain Bingley. Let me break the week down for you.

Monday wasn’t very wonderful, especially coming off of the high that was last weekend. Monday night we had FHE and he was acting really distant…which was disappointing to say the least. We didn’t talk and when we did it was strained.

By Tuesday I was tickedI’m not kidding, I was not pleased with this boyand then he came over…It’s crazy how easy it is to forgive someone you like.

Then Wednesday hit and he still hadn’t asked me on another date and I was coming up with loads of reason of why this wasn't going to work out.

On Thursday, he brought up the fact that in past discussions we had talked about our great desire to build a snowman. So that night he called me to go on an adventure. We drove to a nearby park and started rolling snow like crazy. A snowball fight, some good conversation, and a very large snowman later, we were done. I am literally still smiling about that night.

Friday we both went to a mutual friends birthday party and we were inseparable. And that was the night he asked me out for Saturday. I let out an audible sigh and once again hope was in the air {dramatic eh?}

Saturday night we went on a group date to play pool and other games. It was so much fun just to be silly with each other. I enjoy being silly with him.

Even though we saw each other a lot this week—everyday in fact—I was still unsure about how ward prayer would go down. Did he still like me? Would he talk to me? Would awkwardness rule our conversation? But it went as splendidly as it always has. We talked and laughed long after the rest of the ward left.

Please, oh please, don’t let this end in disaster


-The Blue Stocking

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Stephanie said...

He took you to build a snowman! Ok, this guy is cute. Best of luck Blue Stocking :)

Juichi said...

I once saw some advice a national date coach wrote about timing that may be relevant to your situation, Blue Stocking. When the guy says, "I'll call you soon," the girl tends to hover by the phone, assuming hours to a day or two. The guy is thinking that "soon" is more than a day but less than 9 days. I think Bingley is following BYU guy code well-don't get clingy (often seen as acting distant, when he's just trying to not monopolize you) so you're not friend-zoned or labeled a stalker or too forward, but ask for the next date within a week.

In light of that, it sounds like he really likes you, so he's being measured. Good luck!

Juichi said...

I'm kind of nervous that no one else has posted their two cents, because I definitely don't feel like I said all there was to say about your struggles, Blue Stocking. I hope all is well with Mr. Bingley and that the next date goes well. Honestly, this will end in disaster if it becomes awkward for you two to be together. Otherwise, you should be fine, regardless of what I say.

Dear Juichi,

Thank you so much for your advice and don’t be nervous, I think what you said is exactly what I needed to hear. Overall, it’s nice to know that guys like to take their time and it doesn't mean they are not interested {unless they don't call for a month, then a girl needs to start connecting the dots...}. I hope that Bingley is just taking his time, and while I wait I am going to try hard to be patient ha ha.