A Letter to Mr. Director

3/27/2012 The Charmer 6 Comments

Dear Mr. Director,

Some days you are so frustrating.

Some days I get so fed up with your commitment phobia and the fact that half of your friends are girls that it makes me crazy and I tell my roommate, "I am going to MARCH OVER to his house and tell him that we're THROUGH! RIGHT NOW! I MEAN IT!"

And sometimes I even do tell you, "I'm done. Really. I mean it."

It's days like that when I make up my mind to go out and find a taller man who will always agree with me. (Preferably one who can foxtrot.)

But then I remember how I like the fact that you don't let me walk all over you. I remember how you won't let me get away with negativity and how you make me tell you two things I do like every time I say I CAN'T STAND ____ (olives, rain, my 2.5 hour Wednesday night class, slow walkers, etc.)!
I remember how you aren't afraid to tell me the things that bother you about our relationship in the hope that talking about them will help fix them.
I remember how much you praise all of my little accomplishments; in your eyes, it seems I am worthy of being the next Food Network star AND America's Next Top Model AND Teacher of the Year.

And I remember how you tried to dance the foxtrot with me even though you had no idea what you were doing and you really didn't like it. (I have faith that it could grow on you!)

Because despite the fact that sometimes I get frustrated with your antics, deep down I still like you.

And maybe that's what love is. I'm starting to understand that love is being willing to overlook the way someone laughs or the way they eat carrots. Love is helping someone work through his fears instead of condemning him for them.

Sometimes we have bad days. But then there are those days when we sit on your front porch as the sun sets and just laugh about life. We laugh and laugh as we intermix serious topics with silly things and it's so very easy to be myself. Those are the days I thank my lucky stars that you came into my life and I wonder, Is this...could this...could you...maybe...be IT?

I don't know if we end up together. But I do know you've taught me a lot about myself and a lot about love.

And for that, I will always be grateful.

The Charmer

NOTE: Okay, okay, so it wasn't a story. Forgive me. :)

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The Lady said...

Bah! I love this.

Anonymous said...

Me too... :)

Thank you for the hope that something like this still exists. It's sorta what I've been looking for and the fact that you've found it means that it must still exist.

It reminds me of this quote:
"People walk starry-eyed looking not into the eyes of their romantic partner but over their romantic partner's shoulder, in case there might be somebody better walking by. This is not the road to successful long-term relationships."

Love is indeed a matter of accepting someone for who they are and helping them work through their fears rather than condemning them for them, as you have said, and so many other things that involve taking the good and the bad and working with them to produce something remarkable.

Charmer, I am so unspeakably happy for you. :)

Eleanor Dashwood said...

I didn't know there was a wrong way to eat carrots....

The Charmer said...

Oh, believe me Eleanor, there is. Haha.

Okay, so maybe there's no WRONG way. But I definitely think there are ways that are a little more out-of-the-ordinary (aka weird) than other ways.

Heidi said...

sometimes I like to eat the outside of the carrot off of the core and then eat the core. is that the wrong way?

Anonymous said...

Your relationship really has many qualities that will help both of you grow and help one another become better people. However, security is another important and essential component, for both partners.