The Meaningful Look

3/08/2012 The Lady 5 Comments

Just t'other day, I was discussing the general mechanics of what attracts men to women with a friend, who just so happens to be a man.

Manfred: Lady, all you have to do to let a guy know that you're interested in him is to give him the "meaningful look".

Lady: The meaningful look?

Manfred: You know, the meaningful look!

I nodded my head as though I simply misunderstood him the first time, but I left his apartment without any idea of what that look might actually be.

(Be prepared to be amazed by my Microsoft Paint skills.)

Hopeless longing?
Rapid batting of the eyelashes?
I want to kiss your face?
Artfully bashful?
Giddy love?

Manfred obviously doesn't understand the complications to his theory. Or he has at least greatly overestimated my ability to flirt with only my face.

I think my best option is to combine the best of all of these looks. I am going to practice that for the time being, and we'll see if it's hooks me a gentleman.

Con Amor,
The Lady

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What is this black magic. Your paint drawings, they are amazing! Are you using a Wacom tablet or anything?

I love talking about the face in regards to flirting! It's a lot less complicated on the guys' end though, I'd say. But then again, we have all of THOSE expressions to interpret...

This is why dating is hard. But oh, flirting is fun!

Anonymous said...

But wait! You aren't even slightly puckering your lips in the last picture! I know you were going to combine the best, but I think puckering the last would absolutely throw it over the top. And probably into a brick wall. But still! Ha ha love your skills of an artist.

Kara said...

So you're going to have to use these meaningful eyes and report back on how well they work...or how many restraining orders you get ha ha. Love you Lady! You always make my day.

Summer said...

Love your drawings! :D

The person who wrote this told me that this works both ways. This is probably what your guy-friend was talking about.