Sometimes Mr. Perfect is Right Around the Corner

3/22/2012 The Closer 1 Comments

In order to continue granting the requests for more stories, I have a terrific random-happenstance story for you this week!

This past Sunday I had a meeting with my bishop (all good things I promise), and I was one of his last appointments. As usual, he's running a little behind, so I was just hanging out with the executive secretary and another guy friend from the ward (we'll call him Mijo).

[A small premise for this story is that I have frequent hang outs with Mijo (no chemistry here), and I've told him on multiple occasions about what a terrible and awkward flirt I think I am.] 

Okay, on with the story. The three of us were talking and laughing and I did something jokingly flirtatious to the executive secretary, I don't even remember what. Then Mijo exclaims how I talk like I don't know how to flirt, but per this recent example, apparently I do.

It's at this point that I explain how I maybe I am a good flirt on the outside, but inside I'm a mess. And of course, when I am really really interested in someone, I say and do terribly awkward things. I felt like this statement needed some evidence.

[The next premise that you will need to know is that at one point, without giving too much detail, I persisted in having a much-longer-than-it-should-have-been text conversation with Mr. Perfect about how much I love ham. Yes, ham. And how much I love it. I really do love it though. But I should not text boys about this. No I should not. Premise finished.]

No sooner than I had uttered the words "So one time there was this guy I really liked...", than there was a knock on the window behind me, and it was none other than Mr. Perfect waving hello. I can only imagine what my face must have looked like. What are the odds?? I guess he is in my stake, but really, the timing of that could not be more ridiculous.

He then strolled in and was handsome and funny and charming as usual, and when he left Mijo said "I like that guy, who is he?".

And I replied with "That's the guy I was literally just going to tell you a story about the terribly awkward thing I did to him, that's who. So yeah, you're not the only one that likes him."

Mijo said he doesn't blame me, he has a little bit of a crush on him too now. Apparently not only the ladies are susceptible to Mr. Perfect's charm.

Yours Truly,

The Closer

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Summer said...

I have a similar story: Once I was having "girl talk" with a group of friends, and I hinted that I had a crush on someone they knew, and one of the girls screamed his name. The room echoed quite a bit, so it was very loud. Then another of my friends goes, "Shh, he's right outside!" Pretty sure he heard/guessed quite a bit of what had happened. Aren't awkward moments fun? :)