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2/02/2012 The Lady 8 Comments

My dear friends,
This post, for myself at least, is incredibly exciting. I have been mulling the mechanics of it over in my brain for a week now, and I am ready now to present it to you for either approval or disdain.

Last week, after my triumph over Mr. Cowboy, I decided once and for all that I had officially been completely reformed. I was no longer The Coquette, but someone entirely new.

However, the implications of this change deserve some brief explanation. I firmly believe that pieces of yourself never truly leave you, there are certain characteristics which are simply a part of your nature. A part of me will always be a bit coquettish. Let's face it, I am easily enamored by charming men, and will continue to be until the best possible combination of Mr. Darcy/Brandon/Wentworth/Ferrars/Knightley sweeps me of my feet. But despite having this peculiar facet as a part of my personality, it no longer defines me. You were introduced to me as The Coquette: Self-proclaimed as "easy". Attempting to reform. A part of The Coquette remains here with me, but change is needed, and progress has indeed occurred.

You may be tired of my philosophical/emotional rantings, and just want me to get down to business and find a good man--which I admit would be nice--but these changes are incredibly significant for me, no matter how bored you may be with them. So write about them I must!

And now I present to you the real subject of this post:

I am changing my name.

I was The Coquette.

Now I am The Lady.

You are probably groaning to yourselves because of how plain and boring that name seems to you, but please allow me to explain. Throughout the past week, I have tried on dozens of names: The Enthusiast, The Idealist, The Maudlin, The Intellectual, etc. But nothing fit at all. Until it hit me: The Lady.

Before you begin to complain, let me explain. When Jane Austen first began her career, she wrote under a pseudonym. It was simple and unpretentious. A Lady. It was perfect. (I am not comparing my writing abilities to Jane by any stretch of the imagination). To me, this blog is about three things: my relationship with men, my relationship with myself, and my relationship with my dear friend, Jane Austen. (It's a very Julie and Julia sort of deal). Jane created a world with which many of us are entranced--if not obsessed in my case--and created characters with whom we cannot dismiss easily. They are complex. They are real. They are beautiful. This blog is dedicated to the fact that we, as a certain number of young ladies at Brigham Young University, are in love with Jane Austen's novels, but we lament the sad reality that our lives are nothing like these enchanting bits of literature. As of yet.
So to me, the name is perfect. It symbolizes much of my change and progression and it is overall, for Jane.

Now I officially introduce to you The Lady: A reformed coquette who is obsessed with the novels of Jane Austen. She is awaiting the day when her personal hero will make his grand entrance, whilst doing her best to avoid the Collinses and Willoughbys of the world.

Let the complaining begin.

Con Amor,
The Lady

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Corinne said...

The Lady,
I love the new moniker! I think it is perfect. What a terrific way to celebrate your triumph over Mr. Cowboy.

And even though I have a test, homework, parties to throw, an interview, and everything else to do this weekend, I think you just convinced me to read an Austen novel this weekend.

Marigold said...


Anony said...

Bravo, indeed! I've heard it said that every girl grows into a woman, but not every girl grows into a lady. I believe you have come into your own, and you, my dear, are a Lady.

Anony said...

"Isn’t that what we all desire: to be the heroes and heroines of our own stories; to triumph over adversity; to experience life in all its beauty; and, in the end, to live happily ever after?" --DIETER F. UCHTDORF

Anonymous said...

Yay :)

Juichi said...

Well, so far it's unanimous. You will be a true The Lady whose works will be well read.

Alden Waite said...

I love it! It's the perfect name, I look forward to many great posts from The Lady.

Eleanor Dashwood said...