A Peek Into His Mind, Pt. 2

1/31/2012 The Charmer 5 Comments

I'm really excited to bring you the second part of last week's post! You all expressed how much you liked being able to peek into Mr. Dir's mind, so hopefully you enjoy another little taste of that.

Some of you have also been asking how Colonel Paisley's date went. First off, there were 31applicants! 31! That's crazy! Talk about a difficult decision!

Anyways, I'm sure Colonel Paisley will have an update for you soon enough. But I will let you in on something that he told me...

The date went very well. She's pretty awesome.

And also Colonel Paisley told me that he could see my apartment from hers.

Since that's all that he told me, I cannot wait to hear all about the date! But while you're waiting, you'll just have to be happy with some more commentary from Mr. Director.

(and if you missed the first part, check it out here)

This next post was a good one...

On Sunday after dinner he asked me if I would be willing to go out with him on Saturday. And, despite the fact that I was still fairly set on Masimo, I said yes.

I made sure to make the date sound low-key, as well as to place it far enough into the future so that amidst all of her love affairs I would have to stay on her mind. Guys think about these kinds of things. Timing is important!

Friday rolls around. I get that text I mentioned from Masimo and I'm planning on dinner with Piano Man that night. Then, in the middle of the day, I get a text from Mr. Director: Hey, Happy Friday! You probably have plans, and I know I've already got you tomorrow night, but I have an extra ticket to the Grizzlies hockey game tonight because my roommate had something come up. Let me know if you want to go!

The beautiful thing about having a set date to do something in the future is that when you ask the girl to do something beforehand it’s not a huge deal. If she says no and is weirded out, you have the date coming up to redeem yourself. And if she says yes, then you already have a built-in next date waiting. It’s a win win!

So I went to the hockey game with Mr. Director...
And I had a FABULOUS time with him.

It was a good time. Charmer certainly isn’t “one of the guys” when it comes to sports, but we had a fun time chatting. :)

Hey. I think someone is subtly insulting my knowledge of sports! :p

Finally, we take it home...
(Oh, and PS, what Mr. Dir FORGOT to mention is that I was actually NOT the first girl he asked to go to the game. I had to keep this story realistic so you don't run off thinking my love life is too perfect and/or romantic.)

Who knew hockey could be so fun to watch? I've never been to a hockey game before. Look at me, trying all sorts of new things! Mr. Director was quirky and a little bit goofy and not at all like Masimo. But even though I tried not to be, I couldn't deny that I was attracted to those unpredictable little quirks. (And I really did try! Remember--I was planning on giving Masimo a chance? [Kinda?] I tried not to let myself be attracted to Mr. Director.)

After the game, we drove back to Provo and got frozen yogurt. I was really just having a lot of fun with him...the conversation was good, I was legitimately laughing a lot, I was intrigued by the way this boy thought about things...and at one point in the evening when Mr. Director touched my knee, I realized I liked it. A lot.

Intentional. Two can play at the use-physical-touch-to-get-people-thinking trick. Girls thinkthey have all the power.

When we were finished with our yogurt, Mr. Director pointed out what time it was and told me that he could take me home if I wanted. But he also mentioned that he wouldn't mind watching a movie with me if I was up for it.

You go 90, she goes 10. Works again! I also tried to make it clear that it was her decision and I didn’t want to keep her out late, buuuut that I definitely did want to keep doing things that night. I find that if you make it clear to a girl that you want to respect her time, often she will be the one that says it's alright to go a little later than planned.

And...I surprised myself by agreeing to watch a movie with him.
Yes, I knew this was a dangerous move, because I knew that if we watched a movie I would cuddle with him. After all, a) that's the reason boys watch movies with girls and b) I secretly wanted to anyways. It was practically inevitable.

A couple days ago we re-enacted our first cuddle. It was fun. :) Arm around her, pull her into your arms, start messing with her hand, start holding the hand. Bam!

(Is it just me or does that sound a little bit formulaic to you? It kind of sounds like he's done this before!)

So we went back to his house and put in a movie. Sure enough, I was in his arms before too long...Surprisingly, it wasn't awkward, either; we were still laughing and having fun even though we both knew that they had crossed some serious relationship boundaries. And somewhere in the midst of the cuddling, there might have even been a bit of hand-holding. This was fairly significant, because even though I have found myself in the arms of many boys recently, I haven't held anyone's hand since The Ex.

It was a happy night. Hehe. And the fact that we watched Cool Runnings definitely helped. Can’t go wrong with a classic like that!

After the movie, Mr. Director took me home. Even though I was realizing just how much I liked him, my conscience was not happy with me. After all, I didn't know at this point that I wouldn't talk to Masimo all weekend...I was still planning on calling him up to chat, and I felt a little guilty for cuddling with Mr. Director. So, as he was walking me to my doorstep, I blurted out, "Just so you know, I'm probably going to freak out about this tomorrow, since my love life just got a whole lot more complicated."

Mr. Director looked surprised for a second. Then, he slowly smiled and said, "Well...thanks for the warning."

My commentary from this point forward seems unnecessary, because at this point Charmer and I really were on the same page about things. We both felt a sort of knowledge that we would be dating soon (which we would) and it was happy and heavenly and new and fun and good. We liked talking and cuddling and becoming a working couple. Dating is really about communication and being yourself, and I think that’s really what made Mr. Director fall in love with the Charmer. And plus I felt pretty cool/manly for beating out all the other guys.
Teehee. :)

Well, there you have it! A secret look into the mind of boys...well, a boy.

Believe it or not, it's already February tomorrow...the month of love, but also the month with a surprisingly high n
umber of breakups (which ironically tend to happen immediately after Valentine's Day). So, I wish you all the best of luck with your dating lives!
[Although February doesn't have as many breakups as January, the month with the highest breakup rate. Hey look, you made it through!! Now that January's over, your dating lives should just get easier...right?!]


The Charmer

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Anonymous said...

LOVE this. so fun to see what's going on behind the scenes for the other party. :)

Anonymous said...

January... the month with the highest breakup rate... Hey, I did make it through!!... Wait... do you have to be dating someone to "make it through"??

Dear Singlehood,

I'm sorry, but we're done. I've met someone else, and she's so much better for me than you are.

I'm sorry I have to break up with you like this. It's not you, it's me. Actually, it's her. Well, if we get down to it, I just don't like being with you.

Don't feel too bad that I'm leaving you, though. You still have 47% of BYU to spend time with.

Colonel Paisley

I can dream, right? [Wait, this is NOT what you meant, Anonymous?]

Chef A! said...

Colonel Paisley,
I absolutely think your post is suuupppaa cute!

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