"One half of the world cannot understand the pleasures of the other"

2/13/2012 The Blue Stocking 6 Comments

In lieu of the Lady’s rant on Valentine’s Day, I feel like we need a different perspective….my perspective.

Now the following is not a dismissal of the Lady’s opinions; in fact, I see a lot of truth in them. I too would scoff at a generic flower that ultimately represents the fact that the fool holding it doesn’t know me well enough to find something I’ll actually love. But for the most part I take a less pessimistic view on this holiday...ok that's an understatement.

I love Valentines Day. I just do. I love the flowers, the chocolates, the holiday aisles. But more than anything, I love the giddiness in the air: it’s infectious.

Even the couples that speckle campus don’t annoy me like they usual do. Now they are examples that love exists. That out there, there are people who have found someone, and one day that will be me.

I may not be the most touchy feely person…I’m actually quite closed off, it’s a problem I should really focus more on… but I see the importance of this holiday. So I go all out. As of this moment I have already picked out a v-day outfit, bought my Valentines’ for the various people in my life, and started planning a night of fun for my friends.

I see Valentine ’s Day as more than just a day to be spent with a boy. I see it as a day dedicated to the people you love. What could possibly be bad about that?

I’ve heard all the arguments.

Cynics: I don’t have a significant other to spend it with.

Me: The way I see it is I’m going to be spending eternity with my significant other so having a couple of years to be with my family and friends doesn’t sound too shabby.

Cynics: It’s a commercialized holiday made so companies can make money.

Me: So? What’s wrong with commercialized holidays? I loved commercialized holidays. You spend money on your loved ones and in return they do the same for you. Win win.

Cynics: It’s basically Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D.)

Me: Ok, let’s not be pathetic. I don’t need a holiday to tell me that I’m single; my mother makes sure I’m very aware of it. The thing is I’m not sad about my life. I have amazing friends and family and I’m on my way to finding an eternal company.

In conclusion, this is a holiday dedicated to celebrating finding that special someone who completes you. It’s like the anti-ex-boyfriend holiday.

P.S. {get ready for a novel} Guy from wards name is Bingley. I know I know, it’s a bold statement to name a guy I just recently met after such an iconic character, but he’s too bingleylike to not name him it.

As of this moment we have been talking too much for too long to not be going on dates. Just last week one of our chats had us outside in the middle of the night, freezing! Finally, one of his roommate saw us physically shivering and brought us jackets so we could continue talking. It’s getting ridiculous.

And the most ridiculous thing of all is we will most likely be spending Valentine’s Day together. I’m excited and disappointed all at the same time.

-The Blue Stocking

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Katherine said...

Oh! I love that you found a Bingley. I think Mr. Darcy is over-rated. Best of luck!

Haley Dennis said...

Don't apologize for long posts! WE WANT MORE! haha;) happy Valentines Day! :D

Buzz said...

"Me: Ok, let’s not be pathetic. I don’t need a holiday to tell me that I’m single; my mother makes sure I’m very aware of it. The thing is I’m not sad about my life. I have amazing friends and family and I’m on my way to finding an eternal company." AMEN. So so true!

And spending Valentine's Day together?!?! tell us more!

flutefairy said...

So as I read your story I felt compelled to share mine with you. This just happened this week, which is probably why it is on my mind.

Mr. Frank Churchill and I met in my ward. He is always so friendly and so nice to me. We are great friends, we'd talk at almost every activity, he'd stay after FHE to talk to me and would often sit by me in church . Then besides he was always doing nice things for me- washed and vacuumed my car, gave me dinner once during finals week when I was stressed, asked me to dance during a slow song, occasionally would wash my dishes, helped me make flyers for my calling, etc. So I asked him on a date - we had a great time, he paid for ice skating and was a gentleman the whole time. We went on two almost dates thereafter, where he bought me dinner once and breakfast another time - but not quite real dates that were planned ahead or ended in a hug. ANYWAYS - due to the fact that he wouldn't let me touch him and that he didn't ever ask me on any official dates I began to suspect that he wasn't actually interested in me. After much effort to get over him on my own without success, I finally decided to talk to him. He informed me that he was really glad we were friends but that he didn't ever see us dating. It was a sad day. So I'm working on getting over him. But what I really wanted to say is that just because a guy likes to talk to you does not mean he is romantically interested in you.

On the other hand- I hope your story turns out much better than mine – I’m sure it will, as you are probably much more irresistible than I am. I hope he is able to be your Mr. Bingley and that we will be able to hear your success story soon. Thanks so much for posting!

Anonymous said...

I love love! I love the cheesiness (and the not cheesiness...romantic stuff is awesome too), I love the flowers everywhere (even if they aren't for me) because it means spring is almost here and everyone and everything is so cheery. Love it.

Go Bingley!

The Charmer said...

Oh Blue Stocking, I also LOOOOVE Valentine's Day! It's one of my favorite holidays! And so I'm glad you are also a fan. :)

Way to celebrate singledom!

The Charmer