Pop Rocks, Kidnapping, and a Bit of Frank Sinatra

2/21/2012 The Charmer 5 Comments

Dang, the Monday schedule completely threw me off! I totally forgot that it was Tuesday and that I was supposed to be blogging today! I actually didn't even think about it until Mr. Director mentioned it (he was a bit disappointed). And then the LimeGreen Goddess asked about it. And then Colonel Paisley asked about it. Apparently everyone else in the world except me remembered that it was Tuesday, my posting day.


So because I love you, I am staying up past my 10:30/11:00 bedtime to tell you all about my Valentine's Day!

Well, if you didn't figure it out from that first paragraph, Mr. Director and I are on talking terms again. In fact, we're on MORE than talking terms. We're on kissing terms!


Well, turns out the "Come Back Song" was a good omen after all. And I ended up having what was probably the BEST Valentine's Day of my life thus far!

I guess I'll just give you the quick version.

After a fabulous dinner at the Cannon with my brother, my roommate and I were busy decorating cupcakes for our visiting teachees and some boys in the ward. I noticed my roommate seemed oddly rushed, so I thought something might be up. Turns out I was RIGHT! After delivering the cupcakes, I was reading in my room when she yells out, "Charmer! You have GOT to see this!"

I shuffled into the living room to find her standing with a blanket in her hands. Before I could ask her what was up, she threw the blanket over my head and shoved me out the door...
...and right into Mr. Director's waiting arms.

He kidnapped me. And oh, I loved it. (Obviously.)

He didn't take the blanket off, so even though I was in his arms as he carried me out to his car I still couldn't see him. It was an odd but lovely experience. I also realized I'd forgotten what his voice sounded like, because he said things to me and I had a fleeting moment when I thought it might not be him. Now THAT would have been awkward.

Anyways, he took me back to his house where he'd decorated the study with strings of lights, had music playing, and had Martinelli's waiting.

You guys, let me just take the moment to point out how much I love all things cheesy romantic. And Mr. Director is totally NOT cheesy romantic. And so the fact that he was being cheesy romantic for me made my heart melt.

The rest of the evening was really nice, despite the fact that the initial moments were a little awkward. We chatted, we drank Martinelli's, we danced to wonderful old 1940s love songs (This was to make up for the fact that he did not take me to Big Band Night, since we'd been planning on going together), we started the second season of our favorite show, we kissed while eating Pop Rocks (they were part of a little valentine present I'd had delivered to him in his 8:00 class), and we probably did a lot of staring into each other's eyes. You know, gross stuff like that.

And after calling him up today and leaving a message on his phone in which I said, "So...are we dating or WHAT?! Because Jeff who lives next door to you just asked me on a date and it was awkward because I had to say, 'Well, Mr. Dir and I are sort of dating...'", we decided we'd be "official" again pretty soon.

So maybe I should have given Mr. Dir a little more credit for his break idea. I guess it ended up working after all! Apparently he only needed two weeks, but honestly, I can already see a difference. A good difference.

Well, that's my happy little story. Hopefully I restored your faith in love and men.

Dang. I like this kid.

The Charmer

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A. said...

Oh, this post made me so happy! I'm on study abroad right now so I was sitting around a big group of people while reading this and I screamed. A few more readers for you I guess. I'm so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

And the tiny flickers of hope in all the young boys hearts died inside as yours sparked up again with life.

Who cares, they'll live. I'm happy for you, Charmer! I'm sorry I ever doubted the boy. This is just classic.

On a totally different note, I've always wanted to give the Pop Rocks Kiss a try. I've heard it's legen...wait for it...dary! (And doesn't involve blood rushing to your head like the Spidey Kiss does)

Summer said...

Aw :) I'm really happy for you! Sounds like a wonderful Valentine's Day surprise!

The Skeptic said...

D'awww. Martinelli's and jazz music are the best. Glad things are working out so nicely. :)

Anonymous said...

Dump him.