Back on the Market

7/28/2010 The Romantic 0 Comments

Oh to live the single life again.

It didn't last very long did it?

But instead of being bitter, I know it was the right thing to do. As compatible as Sweater Guy and I are for each other, we work better as friends.

Sunday night was very dramatic and included tears on both our parts. I opted for a break instead of a break up. But I knew it was over and that it is a good thing; even though I didn't care to admit it.

We talked more last night, and ended things officially. Our relationship was getting too serious and both of us were feeling guilty because we both know it won't work out in the end. Which was weird since everything was so great between us.

Yes, it's sad. And I'll still have my mourning period which will include generous portions of ice cream.

But I am good... really truly. Everything will turn out the way it's meant to.

-The Romantic

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