Greetings from the Land of Pseudo-Dates

9/06/2012 The Romantic 1 Comments

Oh readers, it's been an interesting week back at BYU. 

Last Thursday, before the big game, I went out to dinner with my stake president from back home, and a bunch of kids from my stake. 

Mr. Lowe was there. Just in case you were wondering. I'd become pretty convinced that we'll be nothing more than friends. Despite the text message he sent me last Tuesday wishing me a good day (I thought only girls did stuff like that). 

During dinner, my stake president slipped me some tickets to the BYU game this Saturday. His one condition on my using them: I needed to ask a boy to go with me. 

The unfortunate thing about returning from a mission is that all of your close guy friends have married in your absence. And they are therefore unavailable to pal around with me and my incredible football tickets (understandably). But I told myself I wasn't going to worry about it until Monday... Maybe I would meet someone at church. 

Friday rolls around. 
Mr. Lowe texts me about the obscene amount of comments that Mr. E is posting on my facebook wall. The conversation changes topics, and we both realize that neither of us has plans for the evening. So I ask him if he wants to "hang out". I'm very specific in my wordage here so as to friend zone myself. I'm tired of making myself so available when nothing is happening. 

"Do you wanna go see the Avengers together?" he asks. So we went. Just the two of us. Arms touching the whole time we watched the movie. 

I'm still not sure what last Friday night was. I thought maybe I should offer to pay for my ticket once he picked me up. But then decided against it. After the movie, he took me out for ice cream and paid for that too. So by the Elder Oak's definition, it was a date

But it didn't feel like one. 

But instead of being confused, or even frustrated, I'm a little angry. The situation with Mr. Lowe reminds me a little bit of Sweater Guy (who happens to be enrolled in one of my classes this semester... yikes). Their personalities are completely different. But I still can't help but feel like I'm being strung along. 

Needless to say, Mr. Lowe is being dropped faster than a non-committal investigator...It's to the back of the area book for him. 

But that still brings up the question of who I'm taking to the game on Saturday.  After a few days of panic, I think I've found the perfect person to go with. 

Now if only I hadn't gotten rid of all my BYU apperal before the mission... 

-the Romantic 

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Summer said...

So...more details please? Who is this perfect person? Are you waiting to tell us until you ask him? Can we know as soon as you do? Please? :)