New life plan

9/13/2012 The Romantic 4 Comments

So, I'm a little bit in love with one of my professors.

Not in a weird way. But kind of like this:

Can't I just marry a professor instead of becoming one? 

-the Romantic  

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Av said...

I'm kinda in love with one of my professors too. I blame BYU for hiring someone really attractive who is only a year older than me.

Sierra said...

I love inspiring movies. Your post reminded me of the first time I watched the movie Miracle I thought "I want to be a hockey player". That lasted about a second. I decided I'd rather just date one.

Hahahaha! I TOTALLY had a thing for one of my professors too. AMAZING. It definitely helped me get to class, that's for sure ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I had a really cute, single professor, and let's just say I made it to a lot of office hours. What can I say? The class was challenging...I needed all the help I could get!