Dreams becoming reality?

9/26/2012 The Closer 4 Comments

Oh do I have some fun updates. I've been so excited to blog that I almost blogged early and then I got distracted so now I am diligently posting on my allotted day, to give you these exciting updates.

Which to start with... Let's start with The Crooner. The Crooner moved into my ward about a month ago, and I quickly ended up on a group date with him. It was light, he was fun and a good conversationalist, and there was some mutual chemistry. He's been texting me pretty consistently and asked me out once but I wasn't able to go that night (and offered another night like a good lady does). Finally we got to go out last night, maybe two weeks after the first date. We went to an open mic night and he plays guitar and sings so he performed a couple of songs. Now, I am not the typical girl who is easily swooned by a man with a guitar. On the contrary as a matter of fact. But he was so talented that I was not even turned off. Afterwards we chatted at his apartment for a while, and he walked me home, then sent ME a post date text to thank me for coming. That was certainly refreshing, and surprising.

The Crooner apparently has taken a fancy to me, and has convinced me to join him again tonight for dessert. Luckily my week is quite full after tonight so he shall have no more luck in catching me on last minute dates. Which are only a frustration on occasion I should add.

So this is just exciting update number one, and I am much more excited about update number two. Now, I have mentioned Mr. Manager on several occasions on this blog. He is my close friend who I have little by little fallen in love like with. My biggest wrestle has been the fact that he is at least five inches shorter than me.  Outside of this fact, I think he is phenomenal. We just 'get' each other. And our friendship has always felt just a little different than my other guy friendships, like Rex.

So I've been wrestling with these feelings a lot lately, and wondering if maybe he had started to feel them too.  After all, he was tossing rocks at my window.

All of this is a preface to the fact that this past weekend, he took me on a date. Like a real live, planned, paid for, paired off, the words "this is a date" were vocalized, date. And it was a great date. It was comfortable but still gave me little hints of butterflies. I found myself wanting to be near him, and hoping he asks me out again. He also made a comment, like it was nothing, in mid conversation, that he's gotten to the point where he only asks girls on first dates when he wants to pursue something more serious. Whoa. Does that mean me?

Yours truly,

The Closer

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I just love this. I know more than one couple, two of them dear friends, where the wife is at least a full head taller than the husband. But they're some of the happiest people I've ever met! They were clearly meant for each other. :) Go, you!

Anonymous said...


Yay for Mr. Manager and his competition!! SO GREAT!!!!!!!!!

Stoked for you!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear ALL about it as it progresses!

Divorced LDS Guy said...

Just out of curiosity how tall ARE you girls? Mr Manager is 5 inches shorter than you, Bluestocking complains about a guy being 3 inches shorter than her...

Average height for a guy in the US is 5'8"-5'9" but Provo skews taller, and I don't see many men walking around Provo under 5'6"

The Closer said...

We've mentioned in posts somewhere, but I am 6'1", and The Blue Stocking is 5'9". Hence our shared dilemmas :)