The good, the bad, and the interesting.

9/11/2012 The Romantic 1 Comments

Let's start with the bad news. 
My football date turned out to be a dud. In fact, I feel so disenchanted about the whole thing, I can't even seem to come up with a proper name for the poor fellow. 
So, based off of my experience at Saturday's game, here are some tips for all of us to remember in dating situations: 
-stay off your cell phone. It's rude. No calls, no texts, no facebooking, no tweeting. Period.  
-make eye contact with your date. (this is a good tip generally in any social situation)
-don't park 5,000 miles away from the activity, especially when your date had hip surgery a month and a half ago... unless of course you're hiking. Then parking far away is permissible. 
-don't leave the activity early (this can't be just me, right girls? you would never ask a boy to leave a date early?)
-listen when your date is talking... that's probably most important advice I can ever give. 

I mean, the poor fellow was nice and all. And I think he wanted to go out with me. His actions just didn't really reflect it.

And now for the interesting. 
Mr. Lowe has a girlfriend! As of yesterday! I found out via facebook. I have to admit, I was a little taken aback by the news. I texted a friend, telling her that I felt like a complete idiot. I haven't talked to Mr. Lowe other than a couple sporadic texts since our pseudo date. But still... Have I been making a fool of myself? When the light of dawn brought a little bit more perspective to my mind, I realized that I've only acted the way any other girl would in this situation. I have nothing to be ashamed of. He flirted back. He asked me out! More than once too! It's like my stake president keeps telling me, you can't teach someone to have good taste. Mr. Lowe's loss. 
But as I walked out of my 10:00 class this morning, still debating whether or not I should acknowledge Sweater Guy's presence there, I saw Mr. Lowe holding hands with his girlfriend. 

If I was really cool, I would've said hi like I don't care at all; that all his mixed signals didn't matter because I've been going on tons of dates since I've been back (which is partly true). But I'm not cool. I'm a coward. So instead of a friendly wave, I averted my eyes and made my way quickly to the JSB to watch the devotional. 

And now the good news. 
I swore to myself that I would never date another hipster. (It's such an awful feeling knowing that your boyfriend has a better sense of style than you do) But it seems that the Lord has seen fit to send me to ward full of hipster men... And only hipster men. They're all way too cool for me of course. (One is a drummer in a pretty popular local band...please excuse me while I wipe the drool from my salivating mouth when I see him EVERYWHERE on campus) And I'm finally getting over the whole awkward RM "thang". So maybe I'll have really good news to relate very soon. 

-the Romantic 

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Leann Allred said...

haha i just found your blog, and you're hilarious.
I know how you feel about hipsters... they're just so dang good looking sometimes. you can't help but be drawn to them. especially if they play an instrument.