Art, Scooters, and Casual Dating

9/09/2012 The Blue Stocking 1 Comments

I month ago I mentioned the TA. Well I didn’t want to make something out of nothing, but now it’s something.
For the past three weeks we’ve been casually flirting, nothing serious, but a couple witty comments here and there.
Since school has started we’ve barely seen each other. It’s a shame really. Well on Friday we ran into each other and had a real live conversation, fancy that. Soon we were talking about our weekend plans and he mentioned the Andy Warhol exhibit opening at the M.O.A. I have been wanting to go to that and I told him so. And then the simple magic of a common interest soon found us planning a Friday night date.
Oh sweet success.
We decided that a fancy occasion like an art gallery should be surrounded by fanciness of every kind. We each dressed up and he very punctually came to my place and took me out to dinner. We went to the Wild Ginger for some sushi and I have to say it was the first place a guy has taken me that wasn’t apart of some dinning chain. I loved it.
We got to the M.O.A. right after 8 and I sincerely hope some of you were able to make it because it was an experience. There was a band loud enough to make us lean in close to talk and good enough to keep us bobbing about throughout night. The art work was innovative and fun and we even made it around to the other exhibits.
My favorite was the silver cloud exhibit. It was basically a bunch of silver balloons floating in a room and we were able to go in and play with them. Who knew so much flirting could be had with silver balloons and a boy.
Afterwards we went on a walk and just chated and then he took me home.
It was a night that made me believe that the romantic comedies may have been mirroring actual life events.
So last week we talked about ol Scoot. I brought up the fact that he has been ignoring me, and I may have spoken too soon. We ended up running into each other on Monday after FHE and hanging out the rest of the night. It was so great to catch up and I feel like I’m meeting a completely different side to him. It seems as if this last year has brought a new calm to his life. All in all it was a great time.
-The Bluestocking

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Summer said...

Awww :) That sounds like a really cute & fun date! I hope he asks you out again!