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9/05/2012 The Closer 7 Comments

Oh goodness my dear readers I feel as though I have neglected you. You will be pleased to know, or maybe not so pleased, that there are no exciting updates that I have for you. Well actually, I shouldn't suppose to know what you do and do not find exciting, because as I think about it, maybe I do have some exciting news, just not really about dating, or maybe it's a little about dating. How was that for a rambling sentence? Sometimes it's just effective creative process to think on the keyboard, I hope you are enjoying my creative process today.

Where we last left off I was dealing with the conundrum of a secret crush on my man friend named Rex. Over the last couple of weeks I have realized two things. The first of these things is that Rex is not really the type of guy I would want a serious relationship with, we seem to have significantly varied priorities in life. The second of these things is that there is still chemistry there, he is still attractive to me- even if it's in a slightly dorky, accidentally charming kind of way. For the most part now, the attraction feels dead, and he's just another one of the buds, but there are still some moments where I find myself wanting to be holding his hand, or maybe you know, something like, oh I dunno, kissing his face.

With that being said, here is the news that may be exciting, and may not be. I am taking a trip, to Europe, with Rex and two other friends, for two weeks, in October. So exciting! I am quite excited. Did I mention that I am experiencing this thing they call excitement? I am.

There have already been jokes about pairing off in Europe... "jokes". Let's be honest, a little bit of chemistry and two weeks of international travel has got to create a boiling point. Especially because the other two people joining us are basically a couple. You see the problem, is that I am not the kind of girl that just goes around kissing all kinds of boys, I believe myself to be better than a random hookup. (And doggone it, everyone should!). Now you may be thinking, "Wait, why is this a problem?". Well hello! Because of the inevitably chemistry and the near certainty of my gradually weakening state of valor and honor!

Who knows, maybe my weakening resolve won't be an issue at all. He is kind of a big chicken when it comes to ladies, and I do not see myself being the one to try and put any moves on him. But if he does put on the moves, I might just end up as weak and wooed ball of putty. Is this one of those times where I am going to make it happen strictly because I believe it will? How do I convince myself that I can keep from being seduced by the witty and playful Rex a midst the romantic wanderings of Europe?

Yours Truly,

The Closer

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Eleanor Dashwood said...

Who just up and goes to Europe for two weeks in the middle of the semester? With an attractive boy, I might add. I want your life.

ps- If you're anti-doing-anything-with-this-boy, you're kind of setting yourself up for failure. But why should you be so anti?

Heidi said...

You do know that you totally can control whether or not you do anything with this boy, right? It really is your choice. Just make a good decision and don't choose to do something you'll regret.

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous and where are you going in Europe Iwanttohearallaboutit.

Anonymous said...

Since you know you don't have the same priorities as this boy, I would avoid any dally-ing in Europe if I were you. You will just have a fling but might end up feeling used/hurt/embarrassed afterward. Just have fun. You are going to Europe!!

Anonymous said...

Go and enjoy yourself! And please bring some amazing stories back with you...they don't even have to include Rex! Maybe it'll give you a chance to realize A) You really couldn't care less about him in that way and want to remain buds...or B) That he's a really good guy that you want to pursue...or C) Want nothing to do with him. But for heavens sake you are going to Europe! Have an incredible time! In October...

Anonymous said...

Amen about you having the best life ever.

I wouldn't hook up with him. Even though you're going on a pathetically romantic Euro tour, don't taint your memories of this trip with a regretted hook up.

Trust your gut. You're not into him. You just think he's hot.

Marigold said...

Here are my two cents:

I over-analyze all the time. When I'm anticipating an event, and I have high hopes and deep dreads, I simply let my imagination go. I imagine the worst thing that could happen, and the best thing that could happen. Imagination satisfied. Now, I can firmly grasp the fact that it will be neither, and I can move on and have a fun time anyway.


Good luck!