The Sports Fan: an admirer no more...

10/16/2011 The Blue Stocking 15 Comments

People always say “BYU is trying to get us married.”

False: if BYU really wanted that they would cease the excessive flow of tests and papers that teachers see fit to assign.

Personally, midterms has made it difficult for me to find time to sleep let alone date. This week alone I had to turn down three dates for Friday night. THREE

So BYU please give me a break, it’s hard enough trying to find my perfect mate without you stealing away every opportunity I have to get to know a guy.

Speaking of turning down three dates, I have a delightful story for you.

Now before I begin I feel like I must apologize. I realize that a great deal of my posts are dedicated to talking about situations with boys that annoy me. But here’s the thing, if all was fine in Datingland I would be safely traveling down Courtship Road and on my way to Marriage City. Instead my car has broken down on Single Ave and while I wait for my future husband to rescue me, I am bombarded by guys who insist on behaving in a wonky fashion.

Introducing The Sports Fan. At the beginning of the semester my apartment and Sports Fans apartment became fast friends. In fact, we even began attending all the football games together.

Fun right.

It’s especially fun for me because I don’t own a sports pass and The Sports Fan always is able to find me an extra one. Well for some odd reason, it didn’t register in my brain that him giving me free tickets might signify that he likes me. So that basically explains why I was utterly shocked when he asked me out for Friday night.

Unfortunately, I couldn't go because I had to attend something for class.

So I told him exactly why I couldn’t go and I thanked him for asking me. His response was quite brief, but he sounded like everything was fine so I assumed that things were cool between us. He couldn’t blame me for having to do something for my class, right? Wrong.

He told my roommate that I made up a lame excuse to get out of our date. My roommate then assured him that that was not true and I would never do that. After that conversation I naturally figured he couldn’t still be mad at me, right? Wrong.

This weekend in order to punish me for not accepting his date he did the following.
He invited all of my roommates, excluding me, over to watch the football game. You could say, “now wait a second Blue Stocking, that could have been a simple oversight on his part.”, no it wasn’t. He specifically told my roommate he wanted everyone but me to come over.

Then at church he made sure he said hi to all of my roommates except me and even refused to make eye contact with me for the whole three hours.

To top it all off, after church he came up to my roommate and me and invited my roommate over for dinner and told her to make sure she invited the other girls in my house…did that include me, certainly not. In fact, even though there was barely a foot between us, he still refused to acknowledge my presence.

Ladies and Gentlemen, he’s five years old.

Maybe I should start a club for him and the other two guys I turned down this weekend.

It can be the “I Hate The Blue Stocking Club.” Then all of them can get together and discuss all of the things they dislike about me and even make up a club handshake. It’ll be a real hoot, maybe I’ll even provide treats.

-The Blue Stocking

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Anonymous said...

What a dolt! Does he even go to BYU? Because everyone I know is swamped! Maybe you could meet some of The Charmer and The Coquette's excess friends?

I call dibs on declaring the club handshake. It's a facepalm.

However, I refuse to be a member of the club.

anna said...

That guy is such a tool. The part of me that will forever remain 5 years old wants to encourage you to reciprocate his actions; ergo, invite all his friends over without including him. The part of me that's an adult wants to encourage you to prank him hardcore. (It's a tough choice, I know.)

Colonel Paisley said...

Hahahaha that made me laugh a lot.

Clearly, he is not worth your time. He is a Grade-A doofus. I love how mature he's being about all of this.

If you care about being his friend, I would talk to him about it, tell him that he's being immature about it, and then apologize for your supposed actions. Maybe you have to tell him that you're not interested, but you appreciate his friendship.

If you don't care about his friendship, stay your current course and don't let his kindergarten antics slight you at all. His actions don't deserve your attention.

Col. Chamberlain said...

Sorry Blue Stocking but I'm going to have to call you out on this one! I'm not going to excuse this guy's immature actions of excluding you from everything, but you did make a critical mistake when he asked you out.

You had a legitimate excuse and "told him exactly why I couldn’t go and I thanked him for asking me." That's a fine answer, but you didn't offer an alternative! No matter how nice a girl is in saying no to a date, if she doesn't tell him another time that she's free and would love to go out with him any excuse starts to sound pretty lame!

My brother one asked a girl if she'd like to go to devotional and then lunch with him. Her reply, "Sorry but I need to go to the bank!" Maybe she really had a banking crisis, but what does my brother think? Lame excuse! So he wrote her off and moved on. A few weeks later the girl's roommate confronts him saying how "Bank Girl" was really interested in him and couldn't understand why he stopped inviting her to do things.

This is for every girl out there, the next time a guy you dig asks you out and you have a real excuse say something like, "I'm so sorry I have.......but I still really want to do something with you! I'm free tomorrow night...or next weekend....or...or" you get the picture. Give the guy the chance to reserve his own special time with that awesome lady!

Sarah said...

Though I agree with Chamberlain's overall statement (yeah, if you like the guy, immediately give him the opportunity to reschedule), I believe you dodged a bullet by not giving the reschedule chance to sports fan. If this is how he reacts over a turned down date, then no date with him at all is better. He is the most pathetic of shunned men: the man who throws a hissy fit because he doesn't get what he wants. Count yourself lucky that you had a conflict. Very lucky.

Heidi said...

All I can say is: Wow. That's childish. A guy like that obviously has pride issues he needs to work out before he can be worthy of a decent girl. It may suck, but it's not the end of the world if a girl says no to a date.

In the spirit of the women always commenting about how the guy is retarded and the men always having to provide the male perspective, as a man I must agree with Chamberlain's overall statement as well.

In asking you out, we have placed the ball in your court for a yes or no answer. If you keep the ball and run away with it, it seems like you don't want to play. A denial with no pass back appears to be a sign of disinterest.

Anonymous said...

Um, to all the guys accusing Blue Stocking for not offering an alternative, I think you unfairly assume she was interested in Sports Fan. She never explicitly stated she was interested, and in fact said she was utterly astonished he would ask her out, implying the thought hadn't crossed her mind.

I think that regardless of Blue Stocking's actions (or lack thereof), Sports Fan's actions are detestable. I remember boys who "liked" me treating me like third grade, and if it ever happened again, like Sarah, I would count myself lucky I had "dodged the bullet." Stories like this sicken and disappoint me.

Layne said...

Best line of the post: "Ladies and Gentlemen, he’s five years old." which was closely followed by "I'll even provide the treats!" This story is hilarious! I mean, yeah sure, small over sight on Blue Stocking's part about him liking her, but HAHAHA HE DID WHAT IN RETURN!?

Can you imagine what he would have done had she gone on the date and then refused a 2nd because she wasn't interested?

Anyways, thanks for the post! I'll be laughing for the rest of the week!

Jori said...


Jessica said...

I'm going to have to jump on the Col. Chamberlain bandwagon here. Whether you were interested or not, there should have been an alternative offered. If you *were* interested, or just weren't sure yet, than a simple "but I'm free on such and such a day" would have prevented any misunderstandings. If you *weren't* interested, then a "but I really appreciate your friendship" could have sent the message.

Clearly he's also an idiot for reacting in exactly the way he did- you had no control over that, but a bit of clarification might have saved you both some embarassment. :/

I just wanted to say that I've wasted way too much time at work this afternoon reading your blog from beginning to end. I love it. I love all the dating stories (I blog about some from time to time...). This is for sure going into my reader. I will stay posted on your dating lives. for fun!

Anonymous said...

While each of you are making a good point I think it is good to remember...sometimes when something like this happens, our minds just kind of shut down, making it really hard to know exactly what to matter how many times you have rehearsed this situation in your head.

The Charmer said...

Dearest Col. Chamberlain:

I think we must travel in the same social circles. I am fairly certain I know you, since I have definitely heard the Bank Girl story before.

I agree with the gist of the comments on this one...but I don't think giving an alternative was necessary. As Anonymous pointed out, we don't know that the lovely Blue Stocking was interested in this fellow (I just can't use the word gentleman to describe him). However, rejection does not give this boy an excuse to act like a wounded turkey. As Blue Stocking pointed out, the two of them had developed a friendship; it was terribly rude of him to throw that away just because she didn't agree to go on a date with him.

Also, I think the only thing that would have made this story funnier would have been if Sports Fan was actually five years old. We are the BYU cougars, after all....hahahaha.