Date My Single Kid

7/15/2010 The Virgin 0 Comments

I don't know exactly what it is, but there is something that happens when Zoobie girls reach a certain age.

Suddenly everyone is ready for you to get married and they comment on it all the time.

"So are you dating anyone?" they ask coyly, as if I would keep it a secret...
"No," I reply gruffly.
"Is there anyone you want to date?" (This usually is included with some sort of elbow nudge or a wink.)
"You know what? I should set you up with so and so. He's so cute. He's friends with my son/nephew/weird cousin. Would you like that?"
"Sure," I say already planning the escape for this blind date.

And eventually your mother picks up on this and starts badgering you as well.

Suddenly it becomes apparent that she had other goals for you than just graduating.

Heaven forbid I graduate without a secondary Mrs. degree. Not all of us double major, you know...

The Virgin

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