7 Months of Plenty and 7 Months of Famine

8/05/2012 The Blue Stocking 3 Comments

Ever heard of a little thing called the seven years of plenty and the seven years of famine? I actually like to apply that biblical story to dating.

In the world of dating, I believe that we all go through stages of plenty and famine. But I like to believe that our stages only last 7 months {can you imagine 7 years without a dash of awkward time consuming experiences with the opposite sex? Well I can, it was called being a teenager…kidding! Well, sort of}
Well that was a fun tangent, but back to the story, I do believe I am three months into the famine stage. But I had a pretty good run there ya know? I did have seven months of giddy bliss, but alas famine has come just in time to consume my summer with its unquenchable hunger.

That being said, I am determined to not let this famine last the full 7 months. No, I intend to search for greener pastures even if that means the watering the work place. Yes, the work place. What could quite possible be the worst place to find someone to date. Why? Well for three reason.

1. Your coworkers somehow know every detail of your relationship.
2. You risk the chance of getting sick of that o so special boy of yours.
3. If you break-up, you get the pleasure of spending everyday with your ex.
But desperate times call for desperate measures
I am a secretary on campus and I don’t often mix company with the other department workers {nothing against them, I just don't see them that often}, but I have just so happened to have stumbled upon an intriguing TA. He is a tall dirty-blond with a personality that keeps me smiling hours after we talk.

We’ve spent this week casually running into each and flirting whenever possible. It’s really made me reconsider my ready-in-15-minutes look I’ve had all summer. But he’s going to have to do something a little more solid than provide flirting in the office to make this girl miss out on any amount of sleep!
Also, another interesting development in said old office is the fact that we are in dire need for another secretary. And yours truly got to be deeply involved in the hiring process.

That being said, how morally corrupt is it to hire a cute single guy? Is it really repugnant to want to share desk space with a tall, dark, witty, guy, huh?
Fine, it’s distasteful, and unfair, and a lot of other adjectives that all spell w r o n g.
So I shouldn’t hire him.
But what if he’s qualified? Wouldn’t it be just as bad not to hire someone simply because they are attractive?
So I should hire him….maybe…oh if only I could get my conscience to mind its own business.
I guess we’ll see how the cliché war between the angel and devil shoulder companions play out this week.
Cest La Vie,
The Bluestocking

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Sarah said...

Hire him! Don't think about it, just do it.

Breanna said...

What if your famine has lasted 23 years? Ha Ha thanks for such a great post!

Heidi said...

yeah, it's a nice theory and all, but i don't really think that it applies to me, because I'm pretty sure that I've always been in a famine, never in a stage of plenty, and I'm 24 years old. good post though :)