Another Tip on How to be Charming

8/09/2011 The Charmer 4 Comments

Okay, so remember that one time when I wrote about The Lingering Glance?

Well there's another technique that's very similar. We'll call it the "Bashful Smile." (I guess technically they're probably both a variation on a theme.)

So last week I went with some of my co-workers to YoZone after work. We were having a grand old time chatting amongst ourselves when I noticed this guy across the room watching me. I kept chatting with my girls when I looked up at him again--still watching me! Well, we made eye contact--he knew I was looking at him and he knew that I knew he'd been watching me. Things could have gotten awkward.
Or...maybe not. Not if I salvaged the situation.
So, I smiled briefly (The Bashful Smile should not last longer than 2 seconds) and then looked down as if I was embarrassed that he'd caught me looking at him. (Which I sort of was. Making eye contact across a room is always semi-awkward.) And then I only allowed myself to look at him once more while we were there.

Anyways, long story short, as we all got up to leave this boy sidles over to me. As all of my co-workers and the majority of the restaurant stop what they're doing and stare, he asks, "Hey, would it be okay if I took you out some time?"

That, my friends is gutsy. It takes nerves for a guy to ask a stranger out when she's surrounded by her friends.

I said yes. I gave him my number. The kid definitely gets brownie points for being brave.

But I'm sure it helped that I encouraged him with a smile.

So, ladies, next time you catch a boy watching you (and he's NOT giving off creeper vibes), try out the Bashful Smile. Remember, the main difference between this and the Lingering Glance is that you don't linger. You're bashful. You're demure. You're coy. You're artfully shy (yes, my friends, that is apparently the definition of "coy").

And please, let me know if it gets you a date!

Wishing you luck,
The Charmer

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B^4 said...

I've tried this before and it didn't work. Oh no, I just had an awful image in my head of me thinking I'm giving a guy a sexy smile, but really it's one of those super awkward smiles that people sometimes make in pictures and you just feel bad for them...

But I want to know, was he there by himself??

Anonymous said...

Cannot wait to get back to party town provo to try this one out :)

The Charmer said...

Haha B^4, that's what happens whenever I try to wink at people. I've since given up attempting to wink since I always look like I'm cringing or suffering from allergies and everyone starts worrying about my health.

Anyways, to answer your question, he was there with his brother and sister-in-law. So he wasn't "with" anyone, but he wasn't by himself either.

Rose Red said...

I have used the Bashful Smile many a time. While it is not always successful in getting me a date, it is at least useful for drawing someone over to talk to me and keep me entertained - and possibly flirted with - during an otherwise uninteresting event. Kudos to the boy for being so bold!