The RM Returns

8/28/2011 The Blue Stocking 1 Comments

The RM is home. In fact not only is he home, but he called me the night he got home and asked me and our mutual friend to come hang out with him. It was like we had never skipped a beat…well there was the awkward first 10 minutes of "should I hug him," "will that freak him out?" But once a hug was settle on, it was golden.

We had a great time visiting, but at one point he thought it was a good idea to ask us how we were progressing in our dating life…not cool.

Questions like “have you been asked out this week,” {as if we had any control over that} were brought up to which I responded with “bite me."

Though I am happy to announce I could answer “why yes, yes I was,” I still was not pleased with this conversation that took aim at my failed dating life of two years. I don’t know about you, but sometimes those questions are quite obnoxious.

He then decided to demonstrate how one goes about getting a date by saying “Blue stocking {rest assured ladies my parents did not hate me enough to name me this} will you go on a date with me Friday night?” I was shocked by this forward approach, mostly because I can’t count how many time guys have tricked me onto dates and it’s not until half way through them that I realize we're doing more than just hanging out.

I said yes and the date was also going to include my friend. Now you’re probably wondering how it went. Well it didn’t actually happen. For some strange reason his family wanted to see him since he had just barely returned from a third world country after two years…weird huh?

But it has been rescheduled and I’ll keep you posted.

Now I am trying to figure out how I feel about this whole RM situation. He’s a great friend, I like being around him, but do I really see us doing anything beyond that?

However I do think I owe both of us a date or two before I make any final decisions.

-The Blue Stocking

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Cato said...

Keep in mind that as RMs, we have a very awkward readjustment phase in which we must shift from "missionary mode" to "human mode". Anything we say or do should not be held against us to the fullest extent during that time period. We're instructed to be upfront and ask questions related to progress. I'm surprised he didn't leave you a pamphlet of some sort.

I also like his use of the missionary commitment. "Will you [do this thing]?"