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8/10/2011 The Romantic 4 Comments

I have 9 days left in Provo.

And I am a mess.

Mostly because I'm going to be homeless next week.

But it's ok. In four short weeks, I will be in the MTC! Hollah!

And now, a funny quote from an old Korea Daejeon mission blog:

"There's a "no-touchy" rule which means that you don't touch anyone of the opposite gender, even to shake hands. As a result of this we are frequently rather socially backward when we come home. It makes for very awkward dating."

Well, that's just great.

-the Romantic

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Jori said...

Really? Not even to shake hands? I shake hands with the male missionaries in my ward...maybe it's a Korean thing?

The Romantic said...

Yeah, it's an Asian thing I guess. But it should make for interesting stories when I get back!

Heidi said...

Haha, this makes me laugh. Good luck! Why are you going to be homeless next week?

The Romantic said...

My contract is up at my apartment complex. Never fear though! I just need to stay in town for a wedding. I'll be floating around a few places in provo. It should all work out