Pre-Mi No Longer

8/21/2011 The Blue Stocking 2 Comments

My RM is coming home this week, and by home I do mean know, the place I currently reside.

My RM who wanted to date me and chased me for months....but it didn't work out because, well, it was complicated.

My RM who also like my best friend....indecisive little fellow if you ask me.

My RM who I wrote his whole mission and he hinted -a lot- in letters that when he got home we should date.

Ya, that RM.

I have to admit I'm very excited for him to be home.
There's something about being around someone who knows you.
Someone that doesn't make you explain yourself.
You can just be: I can't wait to just be.
To be able to fall into the comfort of an old friendship.

No expectations, just a walk, that's all I need.

I have a feeling Fall is going to be an interesting semester....

-The Blue Stocking

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Kelly Marie said...

You and The Coquette are just little missionary catchers! Can't wait for more updates!

ErinQuiseng said...

Well, best of luck and that RM