Two Weddings and a missionary.

8/17/2011 The Romantic 0 Comments

Since my break up with Mr. Advice, wedding receptions have always filled me with a little bit of melancholy. They've always made me doubt myself a little.

"Could I have had this? If I had waited a little longer for him to get his act together? Could I have been this happy?"

Of course, over the years, I've realized how much I really need to trust myself. I was completely correct in my decision to end things with Mr. Advice.

But that doesn't keep the creeping dark creature we call loneliness from rearing his ugly head in the catacombs of my heart every time I walk into crepe paper covered cultural hall.

But last night... Well, last night was different.

An adorable Albanian couple from my ward had their reception last night. It was by and far the best reception I've ever been to.
I don't if I can put into words the why. It was just so good. The joy of everyone there was so enveloping. It permeated every person, bringing wide smiles to every face.

And I just felt it. I felt that that overwhelming happiness was so attainable for me. And for the first time at any wedding reception since Mr. Advice, I was overjoyed.

Tomorrow, one of my room mates is getting married. Another day filled with cake, photo taking, but mostly importantly the temple. And I'm so excited. No more melancholy and loneliness.
Just genuine smiles.

3 more weeks until I report to the MTC.

-the Romantic

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