A Matter of Infinite Possibilities

8/26/2011 The Lady 4 Comments

For your own pleasure and delight, I have created a list of my own {inspiration stolen from The Charmer's previous post seasoned with her many admirers}. A list I have labeled, "The Coquette's Infinite List of Infinite Possibilities." This list includes but is surely not limited to these admirers of yours truly:

Mr. Cowboy. Mr. Blue Eyes. Dr. Horrible. The Snowboarder. Mr. Huge Truck. The Buddy. Mr. Baked Goods. Mr. Plaid Shorts. Mr. Mexican. Mr. Mexican II. The Youngster. Mr. Overly Friendly. Mr. Clean Sweep. Mr. Cheesy Smile. The German. Mr. Grandson of My Voice Teacher. The Creep. Mr. Tennis. Mr. Home Teacher. Mr. KGB. The Drummer. Mr. Military. Mr. Arizona. Mr. Colonies. Mr. Ora-Brush. Mr. Polynesian. Mr. Super Jock. Mr. Dancy Pants. The M&M Guy. Mr. Spandex. Mr. Band Camp. Mr. Little Brother of a Good Friend. Mr. Frankincense. The Hunter. Mr. Dance Central. The Wolverine. Mr. Twin. Mr. Twin's Twin. Mr. Beckham. Mr. Shorty Shorts. Mr. Rock Band. The Beatles Lover. The Hipster. The Farmer. Mr. Pretty Little Liars. The Yuppie. Mr. Suns Fan. The Lawyer. Prince Charming. The Tool. Mr. High School Musical. The City Boy. The Hippie. The Gimp. The Olympian. Mr. Medieval Club. The Vampire. The Werewolf. Mr. Speedo. The Mountain Man. Mr. Dentist. The Mustached Man. Mr. Daddy Long Legs. Man of Many Talents. Mr. Peace Corps. The Bible Scholar. Mr. Muscles. Mr. Lotioned Hands. The Music Man. The Trekie. The Future Seminary Teacher. The Southern Gentleman. Domo Arigato Mr. Robato. Mr. Shakespeare. Mr. Sensitive. Jimmer Fredette.

And that was just this month. I do not mean to complain, but I am simply exhausted. It is nearly impossible to keep up with this many men. But I suppose I have my reputation as The Coquette to uphold...

Alright, so I have been feeling quite crusty as of late. {A word The Bluestocking dislikes immensely}. And no, "The Coquette's Infinite List of Infinite Possibilities" is not a real list of my admirers for the month. Or the year. Or my life. Except for Jimmer Fredette...Oh wait. Never mind.

From here on you can count on me writing only the truth, and nothing but the truth. I have been feeling crusty. A little blue. A bit sassy.

Crusty in the sense that as my days pass by, I feel quite dissatisfied with my lack of being something. My summer has indeed been "a quick succession of busy nothings." I feel blue to the point that no amount of Coldplay is sufficient enough for my mood on these sticky summer days. I am sassy. I am sarcastic. I am creeping up to the edge of bitterness. Hoping to catch it by surprise, but as I creep up on it, it creeps up stealthily behind me. Waiting to catch me in its steady grip. Perhaps it has caught me in its hands already.

This bitterness does not suit me. Its ugly face does not compliment mine, but at the moment, I feel a little too tired to care. And I apologize dear readers for slogging you down with a post so heavy and unsatisfying with a ruddy mood such as mine.

But there are things that trouble me.

And only if you knew. Only if you knew the truth that I cannot force myself to write. The pain that feels much too dramatic to be real. The happiness that seems so distant at this moment.

Being The Coquette was never an easy thing. But to each her own. A woman's life is built on a rocky shore of patience. Whether she stands the discomfort well or not is merely a matter of choice.

So dear friends, this mood will pass. Tomorrow it will be gone. Because "It's Friday I'm in Love," and I have decided upon being lovely this weekend. And it really is a matter of infinite possibilities.

Con Amor,
The Coquette

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Spandex? bahahahahaha I just love you and I hope you get over this crusty time :)

rebecca said...

Have you ladies seen this:


The Coquette said...

The good thing is that Mr. Spandex actually exists. Also, I own that very Jane Austen Handbook! It's brilliant. The ultimate reference guide for any situation.

Anonymous said...

haha Mr. Suns fan? if he exists go for him. I may or may not be a biased fellow Suns fan.... :)