The Flame Rekindled

2/06/2011 The Romantic 0 Comments

My freshman year, I had a crush on this boy. He was so mission focused that I'm pretty sure he hadn't the slightest clue that I had any inclination towards him. We parted ways at the end of Freshmen year. I was elated by the hugs I got on move out day. But that was that. And I've moved on since then. And my tastes in men have significantly changed since I was but a young 18 years.

However, we had a bit of reunion Friday night. And I'm thinking that perhaps my tastes haven't changed as much as I thought. I laughed so hard. My abs were aching by the end of the night. I tried a post-hanging out text at the end of the night. Would you like to know what I said? haha. I tried to be clever.
"Hey! Tonight was fun. Let's not wait two years to do it again. :-)"
To which he replied, "It was fun! I haven't laughed that hard in a very long time"

That's a good sign right? Could perhaps my unrequited creeper-loving crush finally be requited after two and a half years!?!? *sigh* only time will be able to tell I suppose.

In other news, I keep having these weirdly insane dreams about Guitar Hero. They usually involve us staring deeply into each others' eyes, holding hands, while confessing the most deeply romantical utterances. In the mornings, I wake up confused about my feelings. Do I love him or what? I'm wanting to bake him something... That's highly unusual for me. I don't bake for men on principle (unless we're dating of course). Besides the fact that I don't really think we're very compatible, a truck load of girls in the ward like him as well. And I'm not the type to compete. Like baking, it's against my principles.

Both flames have been rekindled. And I am at a loss! I'm hesitant to make any moves with my new found dating leper status. With men literally running away from you, it's hard to put yourself out there.

But I think my love of cuddling might outweigh any fear of rejection soon. Which could later result in a hilarious post of humiliation... So at least you guys win right?

-the Romantic

ps. The anti-austen is about to experience some very exciting changes. Keep your eyes peeled for the announcements soon.

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