Some Kind of Wonderful

2/14/2011 The Eccentric One 4 Comments

Enchanté my future friends and confidants.

I had hoped that my inaugural post would be on Saint Valentine's Day, but alas my night owl ways prevented the fulfillment of this wish. Can't this still count since I haven't gone to bed yet?

Valentine's Day has been very charming. Despite not wearing any make up and not having any secret admirers, I had a truly great day of love. I love my friends and myself, which is something to celebrate. Cookies, flowers bought for ourselves, Justin Bieber, and chocolate all topped off with An Affair to Remember banished any old tunes playing from past pity parties due to the lack of men folk.

Now on to a more formal introduction.

I am affectionately known as The Eccentric One. Sometimes it is hard to admit, but this name is always a perfect fit. Just when I think I have connected with someone, I realize that we are on completely different trains of thought, and my only destination is left field. I am not sure that my scanty experiences and opinions will resonate with all you lovely readers, but my hope is that maybe other eccentrics will see that we are not alone. As they say, everyone is crazy, some people are just better at hiding it. I rarely try to hide it anymore. We'll see how it works out or if it leads to a make out...
My dating experience adds up to only a handful of awkward nights, an almost lover of a best friend, and one man who essentially only offered me his lips. I am telling you this so you don't expect a report like this past weekend's all the time.

It was a weekend to surpass all weekends because I actually did everything I wanted to do.

Friday afternoon, I got an unexpected call from Gucci. This is a close friend from freshman year. He just got back from his mission, where he got a specially tailored white suit to match his knock-off Gucci shoes. Hence the name. Anyway, I always felt like he was the male version of me, which turns out to be much more feminine in a man--this was not all that appealing. I freaked out when I thought he maybe liked me, and then I freaked out more when my roommate started to fall in love with him. All these fears still rise up in me whenever I see him or even text him.

The call turned out better than I was expecting. Gucci's friend was doubling with a potentially overwhelmingly awkward old roommate, and wanted a wingman. As a mutual friend, with perpetually open date nights, I was called to step in.

We went to dinner and then went to the Provo Beach Resort. It may possibly be a little gem for the Provo dating scene. There is indoor surfing, need I say more? We just bowled. Which was absolutely great--I love bowling, there is something so raw and vintage in the sport. It went well for the friend, and I think it was good for me too. Nothing really happened, and because Gucci has asked me out on this kind of date, I think he is less likely to ask me out on a romantic date, and I do not have to say no (Something I can't do because, until recently, I have never really had the opportunity to. I also have guilt issues).

I also had the pleasure of attending the Peter Pan Preference Dance with The Romantic on Saturday. (That sounds like I was a creepy third-wheel to her date with Guitar Hero, but I promise I wasn't.) It was so fun and I consider it a complete success. Hopefully you want details because here they come.

I asked Reggie (to be said in a British Accent). Reggie is quickly becoming one of my favorite people. He is a boy in the ward, and we have been friends for over a year, but I am just starting to really know him. At first glance, Reggie is a simple air head with a horrendous British accent. It's worse than mine, if that is even possible. But underneath this nonchalant persona lies a smart, thoughtful, guy who is good at basically anything he tries.

I asked him by writing "Want to not grow up with me this Saturday? Preference?" on aged paper bag and wrapped the note around one of my play swords. I left it on his doorstep and ran, my heart pounding. I want to take a moment to applaud the men who court women because it takes a lot of confidence.

Literally seconds later, Reggie comes over with the sword behind his back. I rush to hide in back, but only make it the fridges. Apparently, a girl shouldn't be there when a guy comes to answer? I really don't know. Anyway, the atmosphere quickly churned into a state of painful awkwardness. My roommates kept hinting for his answer, but nothing seemed to be making sense. Eventually they just asked if he read the note. Then Reggie said he had thought he saw something on the sword with his name on it. Turned out as Reggie picked up the sword the note had fallen off the balcony to the depths of the first floor. The awkwardness--sorry to keep using this word, but it truly is the only fitting word--turned out to be funny. And I wasn't being rejected, sigh of relief.
Reggie just thought the sword meant we wanted to play, so he came over. Adorable. Just like a puppy.

The answer--when he finally figured out there was a question--was absolutely hysterical, even though it was coined and written by a dear female friend not Reggie. A pair of damp pants were set outside my door with a note that read "I Petered my Pans when you asked I guess that's a yes?"

I wish Peter Pan Preference could have gone on straight 'til morning. Dancing is one of my greatest states of catharsis and it's just plain fun. I dressed as a fairy to Reggie's Peter Pan, and we both carried plastic swords. Reggie stole the night with his dance moves. He was out of control in the best way possible. At one point, he lifted me up in what is dubbed the "Simba Move." This was not only an inside joke from a true story, but also one of my favorite things ever. Nothing is better than being swept off your feet by a man.

I sincerely hope Reggie had as much fun as I did. Fun not romance was the agenda for the night, and I think that is why it went so well.

Well I hope this is the start of a very beautiful friendship. I'm not too sure about many things in my life right now, but I do know that it is all some kind of wonderful.

-the eccentric one

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Just have to add that I feel like Gossip Girl with the xoxo at the end, and also I extend my apologies for the length of this post.

Rebekah said...

I don't think there is any way for this post to be more fabulous. More, more, more!

Anonymous said...

I like where you said, "fun, not romance was the agenda for the night." I think for the most part unless you're in a relationship (and even then at times), that's how it should be because it IS more fun that way. Romance can spring from fun and friendship, but in the meantime, just enjoy yourself!

Anonymous, so true! It is so important to have a good time and be okay on your own. Thanks for the reminder!