Written In the Stars

2/22/2011 The Eccentric One 0 Comments

So last night I tried to go to bed early, but as per usual, it didn't work. I ended up staying up until three reading about my zodiac sign.

Don't be too alarmed, I do not take astrology seriously...but sometimes it seems mostly true.

Sometimes I just really want it to be true.

I am The Eccentric One, remember? So just go with it.

Well I am an Aries--the sign of the ram, lively and adventurous. I read my 2011 report based on the alignment of stars, and this year looks pretty good. I should find success in my love life, and I can expect some of my career dreams to come true too. I can't help but think that my dream of writing a successful independent film or novel can come true and then I can date Mark Salling. It could happen right? As an Aries, I never lose my childhood ability to dream and see the world as a magical place, but don't worry, I'm not holding my breath.

Reading my horoscope is like opening up a fortune cookie. It is a little treat where the message only satisfies and entertains for a few moments...well sometimes longer when it was just that good. And really, who wants to keep their fortune a secret?

Anyway, there was also a zodiac compatibility tab. I couldn't resist clicking my mouse.

I have a really good memory, so I used birthdays to look up a few men's astrology signs. Just to see if we were meant to be.

The results seemed alarmingly true. I will not disclose which sign connections I researched because I feel that I have already revealed too much in saying that I am an Aries. What's next? The color of my toothbrush? I wouldn't dare.

"Wild and expansive imagination. When mind and emotions link, it's magical. Quirky and adventurous--it works. Life is exciting--this is a winning combination." --Universal Psychic Guild; these describe connections with different signs. Yes, I do realize I gave you an opportunity to do your research and confirm my research.

Based on my own interpretation and embellishment of current situations all of these predictions seem possible.

Is it weird that this little trip down astrology avenue gives me encouragement? I know it really doesn't mean much, but it gives me hope that there is someone out there for me, that I currently know people who I could work well with.

Mr. Whoever, just know that I hope to find you one day. Then I won't have to dream about being an Aries stuck in a storage closet on a reality TV show, I can dream about you.

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