Well This Is Awkward

2/07/2011 The Virgin 1 Comments

I have never broken up with anyone, so this is going to be a little weird...

I suppose I should start with it's not you it's me.

And maybe I met someone else, but I'm pretty definitely sure that you're not supposed to tell someone that when you're breaking up with them. But I have met someone else, and we're engaged, so... I just don't think this is going to work out. I mean you're all about being single and rehashing awkward dates. And now I have to be all about posting pictures of sad attempts to decorate married housing and cookies that I made for hubby. Total conflict of interests. I suppose we just outgrew each other. Which happens. I shouldn't drag this on any longer...

Ta ta lovelies. It's been a lot of fun/therapeutic sharing my experiences with you.

The Virgin

I can't believe I just broke up with a blog.

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Anonymous said...

your blog will miss you :'(