Is that a yes?

2/09/2011 The Romantic 2 Comments

She also said she would give him a kiss if he liked, but Peter did not know what she meant, and he held out his hand expectantly.

"Surely you know what a kiss is?" she asked, aghast.

"I shall know when you give it to me," he replied stiffly, and not to hurt his feeling she gave him a thimble.

There was no need to fear. He said yes! By giving me a thimble... (I'm going to pause for you to squeal here)

Happy Wednesday

-the Romantic

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Rebekah said...

Eeeee! I totally want my first kiss to be a thimble!

Anonymous said...

He actually gave you a thimble? That is so cute! It's cool that he said yes and played along with the way you asked him out too.