Should I be worried?

2/08/2011 The Romantic 3 Comments

I've never asked a boy to preference.

But I did last night.

The plan was to just go to his apartment, and say "Yo! You, me, Preference... ?" I was confident about this approach at first. I could totally ask Guitar Hero to Preference. We're friends. It's not weird. But my courage was beginning to wane.

And so my friends encouraged me to do something a little bit more extravagant, but less face-to-face shall we say. Which was good, because I was slowly becoming more and more manic as I put off the "asking" throughout the night. And I might have gone over to his apartment and mumbled out something like, "ummmmm, peter pan preference... go. me. you.... um yeah."

The new plan included a map of Neverland and fairy dust. My first attempt at a map failed miserably. And that's when my roomie's fiance came to the rescue and drew the map for me... (yeah, lame. i know) It ended up turning out really good though! On the map, I wrote, "Here's some fairy dust. How 'bout you and me fly to Neverland this Saturday?" I was quite proud of my cleverness.

After crumpling the paper and burning the edges, I rolled the pixie dust in the map and tied it with a string. I tiptoed slowly to his apartment, banged on the door, and ran away....

He got it.

But he hasn't responded... He'll answer back right?

-the Romantic

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Anjelica said...

I just spent the last two hours reading all of the posts starting at the beginning. They are so great and funny! I feel like I know you now! I really hope he says yes! Good luck! :)

Anna said...

Did you remember to leave your name?

The Romantic said...

i was asking advice from my fhe brothers yesterday, and they emphatically told me that if i did ask him, i had to remember first and foremost to put my name on the invitation. so it was definitely on there... i'm not so sure it was clear that it was to preference though... but his room mate was over at my apartment when i was making it. so he knew it was for peter pan preference. but i haven't heard anything from him. so of course my mind is jumping to all sorts of wild conclusions... oh dear. i need chocolate.

i type a lot when i get nervous! yikes.