More [Really Unexciting] EFY Updates

7/02/2014 The Charmer 3 Comments

So I was hoping if I tried to update you regularly this week I'd have something fab to report.

Instead, I have this:

I'm #givinguponlove.

Yup. I'm pretty sure I'm going back to square one...aka no prospects, no crushes,  and #foreversingle. Today I discovered that Logan is probably crazy. I mean, I know we don't get much sleep at EFY, but today I was led to believe that the boy is certifiably NUTS. With or without sleep.

To his credit, though, he's still "intimidatingly cute" (as one of my girls referred to him) and hilariously funny at times and he seems to have most of his priorities in order. Solid testimony and all that.

But....all I'm saying is I saw a side of him today that made me realize he may be a little much for me. Like the whole maniacal laughter thing.....? Yeah. I don't know about that.

Oh and also I want to eat all the Oreos in the world.

the charmer

PS- Random Anti-Austen throwback: My co this week is Mr. Complimentary. You probably don't even remember him, it was so long ago!

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The best Oreos are the mint and/or birthday cake ones.

Anonymous said...

Nope. The best oreos are the ones you buy that are covered in white chocolate. Mmm :)

The Charmer said...

It's all about the mint oreos.