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7/09/2014 The Blue Stocking 9 Comments

First of all, thank you for all your comments! I was blown away when I checked the blog today. It's just nice to know I'm not the only one who's gone through this. And while the non-date went down a week and a half ago, I’m still trying to decide what I can live with: the not-knowing or the possible rejection. The biggest problem is I want to know, but I’m a pansy and he’s continued to flirt with me since. Also, all kinds of weirdness has been happening as of late so I’m going to try and get you caught up this week.

The week after the non-date Henry got himself a little fan. Let’s call her Lucy Steele.

Lucy came into the picture about a month ago and while I knew she had a thing for Henry's friend, I never thought she would jump ships especially if I was in the picture. Well that changed last week when she decided to make it very apparent something is happening with ol Henry. His facebook for the past week and a half has been peppered daily with inside jokes, pictures, and comments commending him for his good looks. No joke, she literally commented on several of his old profile pictures about how handsome he is. 

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I’ve decided to be the bigger person and bottled up my feelings in a healthy fashion. So at last week’s FHE when Lucy Steele came up to me I plastered on a happy face and asked her how her weekend was. She went on to not only tell me the details on her weekend, but to list all the things her and Henry had been up to that week. Things that Henry and I had previously planned to do together.

You may be thinking, oh Lucy probably didn’t know you and Henry were a thing. Um, no, she did. We’ve actually talked about it before. She’s truly a delight. And I got to stand there as she went on and on talking about how much fun they were having.

The only thing that could have made the situation worse was if Henry came up. Which is what happened. He high fived both of us and stayed around to flirt for about 10 minutes. When he went to leave, Lucy asked him to come over later that night to help her with something.

Needless to say I picked up Ben and Jerry’s before I started writing this post. 

-The Bluestocking

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Anonymous said...

Ugh :( I hate how she's trying to rub it in. She also seems insecure. And Henry doesn't deserve you if he doesn't have the decency to at least talk to you about cancelling that date or about breaking off what was going on between you two. You will find your Mr. Knightley someday, and he will be 50 times better than Henry :)

kaes. said...

i hate that. sounds like he doesnt deserve you anyways if he is ok with all of this.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess,she is a teenager. Pet peeve: RM's and teenagers. Just. Pathetic.

The Charmer said...

If I wasn't running around 24/7 chasing teenagers I would totally be right there with you eating Ben & Jerry's and filling your ear with all kinds of validation about how you are so much wittier and all-around more awesome than her.

But seriously. I agree with the previous comments; I'm not digging Henry anymore.

True this.

Anonymous said...

Wow. That's obnoxious. Lucy Steele AND Henry. If he's going along with these antics as well, I don't think he's your guy. Sorry. :( But I agree with everyone else, you deserve better!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, this is going to be a novel, but I wanted to share my advice. Blue, you're not choosing between not knowing and possible rejection.
He stood you up.
The rejection has already happened.I know that sucks to hear, but that's what happened.
Why did it happen? You could ask him, but it sounds like he probably likes Lucy and enjoys the fact you still talk to him and flit with him. Basically you're telling him he can stand you up (one of the lowest things you can ever do to a person) and he will still get both your attention AND Lucy's.
If I were you, I would, as calmly and maturely as possible say something along these lines (in person):
"Hey, you stood me up on our date. Did something happen? It would have been nice for you to have at least called and canceled. Etc."

If he has no good excuse, like a family emergency, let him know how rude that was to stand you up, (because it was!). Let him know that girls like you will not put up with that.

Then, for you own good, stop hanging around him. I mean, do you want to marry someone who stands you up? Or doesn't even apologize about it? Or how about someone who plays two girls at once?
Please hold out for the real men. Don't waist your time, emotions, and company on someone like Henry. After I met my husband, I was shocked I even liked the men who had treated me so poorly before (standing me up, etc.) Wait for the good ones, because they do come!

This Lucy character is obviously playing hard ball.

Here is what you do if you are still interested in Henry:

While in conversation with other members of the ward, preferably ones with loose lips, mention that you feel so bad for Lucy because of her "Herpes issue", then say something like, "Can you imagine how horrible that would be, I think I'm going to have a special fast for her". Everyone loves some good STD gossip. This will also make you seem caring and spiritual. Double win.

If you are not interested in Henry anymore, try this:

Strike up a convo with the Lucy Steele itself, wait until it brings up Henry. At that point cut her off with a little laugh and say “Oh Henry, nice guy but horrible kisser” Then as if to demonstrate, close your eyes, open your mouth as wide as you possible, and whip your tongue around like a helicopter. Hold for a split second and then give a hearty laugh. Finally walk off without saying anything else. If there are any mics nearby, drop them.

That will slow her roll.

Anonymous 4 (and everyone else that weighed on the side of confrontation),

You are completely right which is why I called him.

P.S. Charmer I’m ready for that B&J night.