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This last Monday for FHE we had a Stake activity and Sam texted me earlier that day saying we needed to get a group to go together. Yes please. Once there Sam asked me where Henry was. I replied that he should know more than I. That quickly turned into a what-in-the-world-happened-to-you-two convo. Sam said the last he heard Henry was taking me out to dinner and I explained that that was the last I heard as well.

As I explained my past month, Sam sat shocked at his friend’s callous behavior. He finally responded that someone needed to tell Henry this was not ok and he would be the one to do it.

Then, being the friend that he is, Sam tried to defend Henry. He said that dear Henry had actually never dated anyone before and even though he seems perfectly capable; he has no idea what he is doing. To which I said even a fool knows you don’t ask a girl out and then not take her. 

We went on to discuss how nothing made sense and even though the conversation seems serious in tone, it was actually quite funny. Once we were done with that we entered into a lively hour discussing our love of literature and whether Milton was a better writer than Shakespeare.

It was a great night and Cali pointed out that Sam had learned more about my feelings and passions in one night than Henry had in two months.

After FHE, Sam and I spent the next couple of days sending each other our favorite literary essays. It was the perfect nerd fest. Sam is fantastic, that being said I don’t know how I feel about him, but it’s nice to have some distraction from the Henry dramalama.

But with our chats becoming more frequent, does that mean Sam has talked to Henry? And if so, what did Henry say about everything, “meh, you can have her?”

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Things with Sam continued to pick up and yesterday he invited me to an impromptu drive about town. We talked Emerson, Wilde, Woolf, and even Austen. He is outstanding. And as I sat there talking to him I kept telling myself he’s fantastic he’s fantastic, but I still have this sinking feeling that something is missing. 

I think my biggest problem is Henry. I spent the last couple of months falling for a guy and entering into a relationship (if I can call it that) of ease and hilarity with someone I truly connected with. I miss us and I don’t know if you can miss someone while dating their best friend. 

-The Bluestocking

P.S. Also, I called Henry tonight... Post to follow!

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Perhaps Sam and Henry satisfy different needs? This has the makings of an intriguing ménage à trois.

Anonymous said...

Just googled ménage a trois. Ew.

Anonymous said...

I'm with anonymous above. Really, Gorilla??

Anonymous said...

I know you're attached to Henry still, but you have to ask yourself why? Someone you feel comfortable around and makes you laugh is great and all...but someone who understand s the basics of politeness and human decency...kinda more important. Food for thought, anyway.