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This weekend I went to church not knowing what to expect with Henry. Would we talk? Would there be an awkward you’re-dating-my-friend vibe? The answer to those questions is no. Henry is Henry after all and everything with him is high fives and laughs all around.

After sacrament we had a brief 5 minute flirt fest that sent me reeling. How dare he flirt with me? How dare he act as is he has done nothing wrong while I have to sit through relief society and listen to Lucy Steele go on and on about how Henry needs her and how she helps him through all his problems because he’s a dumb dumb.

I didn’t completely disagree with her.

When I got home from church I noticed I had a missed call from Sam. I snapped. Here I was caught in this uncomfortable situation, complaining that I had no control, when I realized I have control. This is my life and if I want answers then by golly I will get my answers.

I quickly sent a “we need to talk text” to Henry. He texted me back, but I knew this was something I needed to hash out voice to voice. That’s when I called him and calmly said that I deserved an explanation as to why a guy would date me for over two months, plan a date the following week, stand me up, and then go back to flirting with me on Sundays. 

I believe I even laughed because why not sound crazy. 

Henry decided to use the cliché and disappointing excuse that he "forgot" the date we spent a day planning. Then he said he felt like I didn’t have feelings for him so he stopped liking me. Classic.

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Ok. Now I would have accepted that from past guys, but I felt like I was different with Henry. The week before he decided I didn’t like him, I invited him to watch a movie with me, then I invited him to dinner, AND THEN I asked him to the girl ask guy dance. 

Yeah…it would be really hard gauging a girls feelings when she continues to ask you to do stuff with her.

But I didn’t bring any of this up, and this is why. Midway through his explanation something inside of me just clicked off. It was as my brain flipped the “I like Henry” switch and I was done. In that moment I just felt that I was so much better that the pathetic excuses this man-child was offering me.  

Also, I need to say this. I know Henry's a good guy. I honestly do. I know he lacks dating experience and he probably didn't know how I was feeling, but I wish he would have handled it differently. 

He could have easily said, “hey I didn’t feel like we were a good match and I’m sorry I wasn’t upfront about how I was feeling.” Boom. It’s not that hard. Now I get to analyze all of my actions on our past dates. Could I have been more forward? Why did I keep holding back? Is it possible that this is kinda sorta my fault??

The blame game's a hoot. 

Once I hung up with Henry, I called Sam back only to realize he was watching the game with a group of guys that included Henry. AWKWARD. Anyways, I have a date with Sam this Friday. 

-The Bluestocking

P.S Obsessed with this song and it was playing while my nightcall went down. Quite the coinky dink. 

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Anonymous said...

Laaaaaame! But I am glad the switch turned off for Henry and I hope you can move forward!

kaes. said...

he is totally lying. if thats not an excuse i dont know what is. sorry henry, but even if you lack in the dating department... no. just, no. now, i hope things go well with sam. you crack me up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Good for you for being bold! Too bad it went sour but yay for closure!

Anonymous said...

That has happened to me a couple times too! What is it with guys deciding my feelings for me?! You're right about Henry being a man-child. Excuses like his are childish and lame. The first guy who have me that one basically was a child, my first "bf" at 16. This is in no way your fault. I've been there, you may think it is (even slightly), but it helps me to realize that my feelings WERE my feelings. We know our own feelings better than anyone and we acted accordingly. If the guy pretends to know "how I feel," I know that's totally bogus if he didn't talk to me about it and communicate well. Again, not your fault at all. Time to move on to bigger and better things! Sam, perhaps? ... :)