When it Rains, it Pours

7/12/2014 The Charmer 3 Comments

Well, another week of EFY down. No wild drama with my co-counselor this week, sorry to disappoint. My girls were the younger group and I think they talked about boys a maximum of two times. I guess it was nice to have a break from the relentless antics of 16-year-old hopeless romantics, especially after a few of the more awkward moments that happened at the end of last week with Logan (this included one of my girls at the dinner table leaning over to him and demanding that he take a picture with me).

Despite the fact that I [probably prematurely] decided that Logan was possibly too wild and a tad too awkward, I found myself thinking about him a LOT this week. Dang it, guess this was more than just your typical EFY "crush of the week!" Since I'd gotten over Nevada so quickly, I kind of figured Logan might end up the same way. But I actually found myself really missing him this week. Unfortunately, I don't actually have anything promising to report. He texted me once this week but that was it.

However, surprisingly to me, my love life IS starting to pick up. After a dry spell of 7 weeks of zero dates and zero guys seemingly interested, all of a sudden I have men popping up in my life.

So, I have a confession. Before my mission, I used to take my ability to charm men for granted. Since returning home, I feel like I completely lack the ability to charm anyone and thus am genuinely surprised when it happens. Well, apparently it's been happening. As a result, I have been a little bit on the "rather shocked" side this week.

First off, I have a blind date of sorts tomorrow evening. It's one of those "Hey, I'm a friend of your friend and I saw you on Facebook and how about we go get dinner?" I'll admit, I'm a little nervous. My social life has been primarily composed of teenage boys this summer. And remember how I'm still trying to shake those awkward RM vibes? EFY hasn't given me a lot of practice knowing what to do when I'm alone with a man at dinner, much less a man I don't even know.

I was nervous enough about that date when I opened my email and discovered that one of the counselors I had worked with last week had sent me a message. It was totally out of the blue and it read as follows:

Hey Charmer,
I just wanted to take a second to tell you that I think you are absolutely gorgeous, a great counselor, and that I would like to take you on a date sometime. I'm sorry this is over e-mail and not in person, I wanted to talk to you Saturday morning before leaving but never got the chance. I'll be working in ***** next week but after the 20th I'll be back in Utah and would love to see you again and get to know you a little better. If you'll be available and would like to do something, please let me know. I guess I'm just trying to say that I just met you and this is crazy, but here's my number, so call me maybe...haha.

Honestly, my first reaction when I read this was, Wait....ME?!

I was super surprised, since a) it was so unexpected and b) I think I've become convinced that I am super awkward around boys and super unattractive in EFY polos and thus no one in their right minds would be interested. But I emailed him back and let him know that I'd love to get together some time.

As if that wasn't ENOUGH craziness for one day (I thought it was), later that night when I logged onto Facebook I had a message from an elder who served with me in my mission. It was sort of the same gist...Hey, just wanted to know when you're working EFY in Provo because I'd love to catch up with you! We could go grab dinner or something!

I guess it's true what they say--"When it rains, it pours." After my little dry spell I've now been hit by a downpour of potential suitors.

Maybe I'm a little more charming than I thought I was...?

Anyway, my roommate this week thought these twists in my love life were pretty hilarious. So she gave me a copy of "TWO" magazine, the new dating publication put out by BYU. It's a gem. Basically, I should be set. Bring it on, blind date!

the charmer

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