"I am persuaded that you can be as insincere as your neighbours, when it is necessary" -Emma

7/10/2014 The Blue Stocking 3 Comments

Last week, Henry continued to pretend like nothing happened between us and Lucy Steele continued to live stream their blooming relationship via FB so that’s fun. Henry's doing such a great job friend-zoning me that I have trouble remembering us dating. Did it actually happen or did I make the last couple of months up? Either way, I know I need to talk to him, I'm just choosing my moment.  You know, I've heard November is a splendid time for awkward confrontations. 

Anyhoo, after spending so much time stressing over my non-relationship with Henry, I decided I needed to buck it up and be awesome. One of you commented that I needed to show him I had options AND I was thinking the same thing.  

I had an opportunity to scout out new options at Henry’s 4th of July party which Henry invited me to. He’s the worst. I showed up towards the end. I had, after all, better things to do…ok I didn’t, but he didn’t need to know that.

I strolled into his house around 10, threw a “hey” his way and joined a group of guys in his family room for a lively chat. Can I just say it was a great night. I thought it would be terrible, but it was oodles of fun and the guys there were outstanding and included Henry’s bestie Sam whom I met while double dating with Henry.  

Saturday night we had stake conference and Sam came and sat by me. Important facts about Sam: he was an English major, he is law school bound and he sports man scruff.  After conference a couple of the guys from the night before reintroduced themselves and suggested we go grab ice cream. It ended up being Cali, me, and nine guys. The odds were most definitely in our favor.

I also need to mention that on Saturday night Mrs. Bennet came up to me and said that since Henry had meetings tomorrow morning she was worried Lucy Steele wouldn’t have a ride to stake conference and she asked me to reach out and invite her.

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While no was what I wanted to say, my goal was to be awesome, and awesome I would be. I invited Lucy Steele to join our carpool and guess who never texted me back? She did however make it to conference and was happily glued to Henry the rest of the day.

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After stake conference they had a dinner for us singles to mingle at. So far I had successfully avoided Hucy (Henry + Lucy and it's pronounced hussy because it makes me happy inside) all day and was on my way out when I passed a table that contained Hucy and Sam. Sam called out insisting I join them. I sat for a total of 5 minutes and pulled out my most witty and carefree self then left, but not before Sam suggested we hang out again.

Welp, I guess hanging out with Henry's bestie would be the perfect thing to make things more interesting/confusing/weird, so why not. 

-The Bluestocking 

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Anonymous said...

Yess!!! I'm glad that you've moved past him! :) (BTW, I'm the one who commented that you should show him you have options! I feel so cool since you took my advice!)

Emily said...

Good for you! I'm proud of you.

Anonymous said...

I love everything about this post!