Agency is the worst sometimes

4/19/2012 The Romantic 1 Comments

My life has been such a crazy jumbled mess of decision making this past week, I don't even know where to begin.

Let's just begin with major events in order:
1) On a whim, I start scouring Also on a whim, I apply for a position as writer/editor with kBYU. Did I mention I'm still living in California?
2) I am asked to speak in Sacrament meeting, sub for gospel doctrine, and speak at institute. All in the same weekend. No big right?
3) I find out that I'm not "subbing" for gospel doctrine as I thought. But rather, I am the new gospel doctrine teacher.
4) At FHE on Monday, I steal creeper glances at the cute football playing/organ playing guy in my ward. I'll now refer to him as Teddy. (Mostly because I think cuddling with him would be reaaaal nice)
5) My dear friend's mother(whose husband is serving in the singles ward bishopbric, making her my best friend in the YSA ward) admonishes me to "go" for Teddy. I agree that this is a good idea and subsequently add him on Facebook later that night (easily persuaded, am I not?)
6) Clever facebook researching (read stalking) reveals that Teddy just turned 30. At 22, I'm at a loss for how I should feel about that (me, the Romantic? at a loss for feelings???)
7) kBYU calls. They are impressed with my resume. They want an interview. Can I come in tomorrow? They need the position filled ASAP. I plead for a phone interview.
8) I frantically search for cheap flights. or grey hound. I'm desperate. I even offer to sale my kidney online.
9) A dear friend takes me up on above mentioned offer. (jokes)
10) I find out I have to re-apply to get back into BYU before my deferment. It appears that I may not be able to get in until January. If that's the case, no job at kBYU (if my dream came true and they actually hired me)
11) Doctor called. He can do surgery in July now.

best case scenario: kBYU hires me. I'm re-admitted into BYU. I move back to Provo. Postpone surgery until Christmas.
a good case scenario: I stay here. Have surgery in July.

My life is changing literally every five minutes!!! No wonder I have a stress pimples the size of Arkansas developing all over my t-zone.

-the Romantic

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Leslie said...

Yay for not having a worst case scenario!