4/12/2012 The Romantic 6 Comments

I spent last weekend at my cousin's house.

While we were waiting in the insanely long line at Olive Garden, her "celly kept blowin' up" (for lack of a better term).

"Who are you texting?" I asked.
"Well, there's Jim, and Bennett, and Mike." She answered.

"Oh..." Right.

My cousin's been home from school for less than two weeks. She's already had three dates. IN CALIFORNIA. That's virtually unheard of around these parts.

I'll never understand it. The only boys I've been texting of late are my brothers.

It's a strange state of life I'm in these days. Try as I might to keep a positive attitude about the singles ward here, I just find myself longing for Provo like I never have before. There are no openings for my type of surgery until late summer, or early fall. (insert the most distraught noise you can think of here)

SO. It appears I'm stuck. No social life. And no hope of even having one any time soon. I really could care less about dating at this point. I would just like some friends.

I'm destined to lead the life of Jane Austen in the 21st century. Instead of a pen as my companion, I'll live with a keyboard by my side.

-the Romantic

ps. What do you think of this article? I read it this morning and found it to be quite interesting. Does it matter to you to graduate with a "marriage certificate"? I never thought it did before. But after spurts in the singles ward here, I'm not so sure.

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Anonymous said...

I feel awesome about leaving BYU still single. Do you know why? Because it's a UNIVERSITY, not a matchmaking service. I chose to attend with education and a mission in mind. And I accomplished those goals.

Surprisingly, there *is* single life after BYU, and I can tell you that it rocks my socks. AND, now I actually have time and energy to worry about date-y things (which I never really did while in school)

Between a Rock and a Hard Place said...

To the Romantic:

I know how you feel. Our situations are completely different, but I know what it feels like to feel "stuck", that you can't go backwards or forwards, that your potential has somehow been strangled, and the only productive thing you can think of to do is dig a hole in the sand and stick your head in. I've been in that spot this whole school year it feels like.
But I've learned a lot about faith, and trusting, and being patient. The sun always rises in the morning. I keep trying to remember that this is a small moment in my life and it WILL get better. I try to look for little tiny blessings, like waking up on time or driving to the store safely, or finding a good parking spot when I get there. It helps my days feel full. Plus, you already know the comfort from reading scriptures and praying (because if anyone knows what it's like to feel 'stuck', I'm sure Moroni can relate).
Best of luck to you. You are very loved and watched over.

Anonymous said...

Romantic I just love when you write. I feel like you're an old friend! Bless you and I hope things turn around for you! But in the mean time, enjoy this time with yourself!

Anonymous said...

I bet if you had a date contest similar to the one that you did with Featherstone earlier this year that you'd have plenty of takers from all of the guys who lurk around this blog unwilling to admit that they read it for fear that it will reflect badly on the masculinity.

The Romantic said...

Haha! I think that might true. My fellow ladies-in-writing are "hot stuff". And even if they'd hate to admit it, I'm sure at least 1/3 of our readers our male. I don't blame them. This is a good peek into the female psyche.

Anonymous said...

Also, I think this is a very reasonable and well-written response to that Daily Universe article-