I love a good intrigue

4/26/2012 The Romantic 2 Comments

Sadly, I never heard back from kBYU. Upon great reflection, I realize that this is probably a good thing. I do need surgery. I should take the opening in July. And the giant YSA conference in California this summer should make things somewhat interesting. 

I have had some fantastic news that's brightened my spirits. I'm taking a little jaunt to Provo next week. I plan to wreak as much havoc as possible. It will be my first appearance in that little hamlet since last August. I pray my mischievous side doesn't get the best of me. I do, however, need to re-tune my flirting skills (read, I'm still extremely awkward around men). 

So whatever the outcome, there's sure to be a rather interesting blog post coming your way. 

-the Romantic  

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The Lady said...

Now I just have to watch Ever After. Thanks a lot!

anony said...

Ha! That's exactly what I said when I read the title! We should have an Ever After watching party thing. (: