The Lady and a boy named Dex: The Blip

4/20/2012 The Lady 2 Comments

Once upon a time, The Lady fell in love. Honest to goodness love. This is the story of her journey in and out of it and back into it again.

and I dated for only a short amount of time before there was a blip in our relationship. Unfortunately, I was the blip.

I was hesitant. Scared to commit. In the back of my head there was a nagging fear. "You will hurt him. Just like you did Mr. Cowboy. It will happen again. Maybe worse this time." Afraid that I would get in over my head, I decided to abandon ship before it sank.

Dex was despairingly understanding. He squeezed my hand and walked out of my apartment. No questions asked. Part of me wished that he would beg for me to reconsider. Beg for me to stay with him. He never did. He just walked away. Collected. Calm. No harsh words. No tears.

It did not take me long (less than a week I'm sure) to realize that I wanted Dex in my life. It took less than a week. But I wasn't sure just how much I wanted him in my life. My indecision was apparent to Dex, and it vexed him. Very much so. He begged me to decide what I wanted. And I hated it. I despised that I had that power over someone else. But I cared for him, and I knew that I had never been happier than when I was with him. I chose for us. Me. Weak, fickle, naive, and selfish as I was, chose that we should be together.

The decision was made.

Dex was relieved and we were happy. Though a seemingly small blip, it made quite the difference to the two of us.

That night he said, "I love you."

Con Amor,
The Lady

"Anne was tenderness itself, and she had the full worth of it in Captain Wentworth's affection." -Persuasion

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Anonymous said...

AGH!! That's all we get?? I am loving this. I just don't know if I can handle the suspense of it all until you post again! :) Lady, you are a fantastic writer. I hope you're an English major or something...something like a doctor's fiancee. ;)

Anonymous said...

Seriously! I check multiple times a day hoping for someone to update on here, but particularly for more of your story. Keep it coming! "...something like a doctor's fiancee." Now that is something I can agree with!