Living on Looks

4/24/2012 The Blue Stocking 4 Comments

Being around Bingley feels like being in Jane Austen’s world.  

No it’s not a good thing.

In her world, you go scene after scene with a confused heroine who keeps getting looked at by the man she's in love with.  

No touching. No bursts of affection. Just looks.

I’m starting to empathize with Jane, Elizabeth, Emma, and the rest. I really don’t know how they could live in a world where looks encompassed their interactions with the men they loved.  

No I'm not in love, but I keep waiting for things to progress with dear ol Bingley and so far I'm living off of looks. I try to make it be enough, but sarcasm is starting to sink in every time he gives me this look and I think to myself “aw that was nice, that should last me two more weeks…”

I’m tired.

C'est la vie

The Blue Stocking

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Anonymous said...

I feel like this is always what happens to me! Glad to know I'm not the only one.

Anonymous said...

um... are we seriously living the same life?

Anonymous said...

Just take him and kiss him! Kiss the crap out of him! HAHAHA Only slightly joking... :D Good luck with Bingley!

The Lady said...

It seems that our lives are much more like Jane Austen novels than we previously presumed...Blast our love-darting eyes!